Volume 15, Number 12
December 16, 2008

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Bilkent Hosts Israeli Writer and Peace Activist, Eli Amir

This week, Bilkent University will add a new name to the list of dignitaries it has hosted. Eli Amir, Israeli writer and peace activist, will be visiting Bilkent to lecture on Arab-Israeli relations. An ethnic Arab born in Iraq, Amir is known as a champion of Arab-Israeli dialogue and has served as Israel's top deputy on Arab-Israeli affairs. Amir's efforts for Arab-Israeli dialogue were awarded with the Yigal Alon Outstanding Service to Society Award, one of Israel's highest civilian honors. He is still known to be one of the most vocal and active voices for peace in the Middle East. A respected figure in Israeli politics, Amir was also nominated to be Israel's ninth president, a post later taken by current president, and former foreign minister, Shimon Peres, who visited Bilkent last year. Amir's visit to Bilkent not only confirms Bilkent's position as a leading university in the Middle East, but also affirms Bilkent's regional and international reputation. Together with his political life, Amir is also an acclaimed author. Among his four published books is "Jasmine," an autobiographical novel which has been translated into many languages, including Turkish. In 1985, Amir was awarded the Jewish Literature Prize, one of the highest literature prizes in Israel, for his literary prowess. He still continues to maintain an active writing career. Amir's lecture, "Cultural Differences: An Obstacle to the Solution of the Arab-Israeli Conflict," will provide Bilkenters with insight on Arab-Israeli relations, Middle Eastern politics and prospective solutions to the region's troubles from the perspective of one of the world's foremost experts on Middle Eastern society. The lecture, organized in cooperation with Bilkent's Faculty of Humanities and Letters (the Departments of English Language and Literature, American Culture and Literature, and the Center for Turkish Literature), and the Bilkent Model United Nations Society, will be held in V Hall Building, room V-03 in the Faculty of Business Administration on December 22, from 3:40 p.m to 4:30 p.m. Everyone wishing to listen to one of the world’s foremost experts on Israel and the Middle East is welcome.

IEEE Invites You to Help the Environment through Proper E-Waste Disposal


Bilkent’s IEEE Student Branch gives nature a chance, and invites you to do so as well.

Electronic wastes (e-wastes) are broken or unwanted electrical or electronic devices like desktop computers, laptops, cell-phones, printers, fax machines, electronic toys, mp3 players, calculators, etc. Some are recyclable, but whether they are or not, almost all e-wastes are considered to pose a risk to humans and the environment. These wastes continue to be of concern due to their toxic and non-biodegradable elements, and in the 1990s European countries banned e-waste from landfills.

The Bilkent IEEE Student Branch set out with the slogan "Bilkent IEEE Goes Green," and it has now become their trademark. They aim to help make our environment a cleaner one, and so, want all students to be informed about the dangers of e-wastes and to learn how they can recycle them.

If you have any e-wastes, visit the M building every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to drop them off. Each month, IEEE gives prizes to a number of lucky donators who visit the stand to hand in their wastes.

If you are staying in one of the following dorms, you can contact a volunteer to pick up your e-wastes, or if you would like to hand them in yourself, any of the volunteers would be happy to receive them.

- 71st Dormitory: Çınar Yeşil, Mail:
- 72nd, 73rd, 74th Dormitories: Cemil Can Coşkun, Mail: c_coskun@ug.bilkent.edu.tr
- 75th ,76th Dormitories: Utku Can Yücel, Mail:
- 77th Dormitory: Çise Mıdoğlu, Mail: midoglu@ug.bilkent.edu.tr
- 78th Dormitory: Levent Erdal Aygün, Mai:
- 90th, 91st, 92nd, 93rd Dormitories: Mehmet Mithat Çınar, Mail: m_m_cinar@ug.bilkent.edu.tr

For more information, visit www.bilkentieee.com/ecopluk or contact Çise Mıdoğlu at midoglu@ug.bilkent.edu.tr.

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Traffic Steals Another Life

It is with great sadness and regret that we must report the loss of another Bilkent University student. On December 4, Ahmet Bahadır Acar from the the Department of Management, was involved in a fatal car accident in Ankara. Everyone at Bilkent News would like to extend our deepest condolences to his family, friends and all of those affected in the Bilkent Community.

Celebrating Prof. J. Shaw and His Contributions


The late Prof. Stanford J. Shaw, one of the outstanding scholars of Ottoman and Turkish history, owned a vast and valuable collection of over 10,000 books, journals, and reprints. Prof. Shaw and his wife, Ezel Kural Shaw, always planned to donate this important collection to Bilkent University Library. After his untimely death in December 2006 the preparations and hard work began to bring this collection to Bilkent from Istanbul and Los Angeles. A large part of the donation has now been added to the Library collection, making it much more meritorious and peerless. This is the largest single library donation ever to be made to Bilkent.

With the second anniversary of Prof. Shaw's death approaching, the Library Art Gallery hosted a special panel on December 1, organized by Dr. Mehmet Kalpaklı, chair of the History Department, to commemmorate Prof. Shaw's scholarly achievements entitled Eserleriyle Prof. Stanford J. Shaw (“Prof. Stanford J. Shaw and his Works”). The panel included talks by academics from Bilkent and other universities, and was introduced by Prof. Metin Heper, Dean of FEASS, and Halil İnalcık, Professor of Ottoman History at Bilkent. These contributions demonstrated Prof. Shaw's importance as an academic, not only for Turkey, but also for the whole world.

On the same day, in the afternoon, Prof. Kural-Shaw unvieled a plaque recording the Library's gratitude to the Shaw family for their donation, and a reception was held in the Art Gallery. During this ceremony, Rector Prof. Ali Doğramacı, shared his personal memories of Prof. Shaw and emphasized the importance of this donation for the Library. Speeches were also given by the library director, Dr. David E. Thornton, Dr. Kalpaklı, and Prof. Kural-Shaw. The Library would like to thank Ezel Hanım once more for her hard work and perseverance in making this donation possible, and also library staff Dilek Oral, Firuzan Kürüm and Tanses Arslan.

Tijen Gençaslan,
Head of User Services

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