Bilkent News Picture Challenge
I Know Where You've Been This Week


Hello everyone! Let us have a reminder about how the challenge works. Here, you are given a picture taken from somewhere in our campus and the only thing you need to do is to tell us where exactly you think it is from. If you can make a right guess, you will get a chance to win a cosy coffee from Coffee Break or an unforgettable lunch from Le Piment Rouge.

Last week we had a picture of the column for State Theater advertisements, located near the main bus stops in main campus. The columns of this kind are found all around the city and are used as places to post any news from the State Theater. Well, I am not sure if using the definition as the answer of last week's challenge is appropriate because there are never actually any advertisements or schedules or posters on that column. I usually see posters at the bus stops, but I guess no one paid attention to those on the column, so this may be the reason why we do not have any posters on it right now.

One more thing, I am about to graduate, leaving this corner to the people who can chase after the stories our school hide by digging up its history or who can talk about more daily subjects. So, if you are interested, just go ahead and contact us.

Prizes will be: The first two correct answers win coffee from Coffee Break.

The 15th correct answer wins lunch for one from Le Piment Rouge.