Bilkent Ranked Best in Turkey and in Top 200 Universities WorldwideTop 200

Bilkent University has been named by Times Higher Education as one of the top 200 universities in the world and the best university in Turkey. Bilkent ranks 112th worldwide and 32nd in Europe. In combined Europe and Asia rankings, Bilkent is 52nd over all. The only other Turkish university to be included in the top 200 is Middle East Technical University (METU) with a rank of 183.

Times Higher Education (THE) claims to be "the UK's most authoritative source of information about higher education." According to The New York Times and The Chronicle of Higher Education, THE's world ranking of universities has been one of the most influential factors in international education analysis and is routinely relied on by both private and governmental funding sources.

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New Letter Grades


Course instructors will have available to them two new letter grades starting this fall. This summer, the university Senate added A+ and FX to the existing catalog of letter grades.

The A+ grade is intended for those special students who show an extraordinary performance well beyond everybody else in the same class. It carries the same numerical value as a regular A grade, namely 4.0, therefore the extra "+" has no effect on the GPA. The use of the A+ is restricted according to class size, to ensure ...

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"Sports as a Way of Life" Program

Way of Life

Beginning this semester, a new program, "Sports as a Way of Life," will be offered for incoming students. The new sports program is planned to encourage students to participate in a variety of sports events and tournaments.
The aim of the program is to encourage all newcomer students to use their spare time to participate in sports programs. Activity in sports programs contributes to a peaceful and healthy campus life and gives each student a chance to make new friends. Viewing engagement in sports activities as a way of life will help students to get in shape and stay fit.

Participation in any of these tournaments and activities below is voluntary. Students can choose to join any activity they wish. The tournaments will take 4-8 weeks.

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New Activities Courses Aim to Tap Creativity, Versatility

Bilkent has introduced two new courses this semester, Collegiate Activities I and II (GE250 and 251). GE250 and 251 require students to become involved with student-led activities on campus.  Although GE250 and 251 are not academic courses in the strictest sense, it is well established that involvement in student activities not only contributes to learning by giving students the opportunity to try out the skills they have learned in academic courses. Also, employers like to see involvement in student programs on a CV because such participation encourages student leadership, problem solving, and time management.

GE250 and 251 have already been pre-loaded into all sophomore-year schedules. Together they make up...

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