All About Clubs
Allionai Exhibition, World Music Fest, and more...

Student clubs hit the ground running as the new semester began. The main campus was host to booths located outside most faculty buildings, with dedicated club members on hand to inform new students about the purpose of their clubs and to expand their membership bases. Many clubs also held introductory meetings to acquaint new students with their aims and objectives. Students are highly encouraged to learn more about the clubs that are available and to participate in their activities. Some clubs have already announced some very exciting events.

This week, October 4-11, the Archeology and History of Art Club is hosting an exhibition in the Library Art Gallery displaying photographs of Allianoi, an ancient spa center whose site (near Bergama) is now submerged.

The Kültür ve İletişim Topluluğu plans to hold a "World Music Fest" on October 14-16 at the Bilkent Odeon, which will include artists from seven different countries. Ticket sales began on October 3.

A full list of student clubs can be obtained at