Join the University Sports Teams

This year, the ''Sports As a Way of Life'' program will kick off with basketball and football at the East Campus sports facilities on October 10.

This program is planned to encourage new and continuing students in the Preparatory School  to participate in variety of sporting events and tournaments all year long. Students can compete in eight different mountain groups, and as individuals and on teams in basketball, badminton, football, table tennis, squash, tennis and volleyball. In addition, students can participate in exercise and fun activities such as aerobics, tugs-of-war and more.

Participation in sports programs contributes to a healthy campus life and helps you make new friends.

But getting in shape and staying fit is not only good for your health. Taking part in sports will also help lower your stress level, keep you slim and trim and can even help you in your academic studies. So don't hesitate, come and get involved in the ''Sports As a Way of Life'' program.

For information: Stop by the
East Sports Hall and talk to
Kağan Eynak, Program Coordinator.
Tel: ext.5350 or 5351
Mobile phone: (532) 324-9352

NOTE: The ''Sports As a Way of Life'' program is open to continuing students
as well as new students. This year, for the
first time, basketball and football tournaments will be organized for students who are in the first and second years in school.
For information: Hayri Özkan and Ahsen Küçükdurmaz
Tel: ext.1325