Bilkent Aid Drive to Assist Van Earthquake Victims

The earthquake in Van and the surrounding area on Sunday, October 23, has deeply affected everyone.

In response to this devastating event, the Bilkent University Social Responsibility Center is organizing an aid drive to support emergency operations in the region and reach out to those afflicted by the disaster.

Donation boxes will be placed on campus at FEASS, Kıraç and Speed Cafeterias, Buildings N and R on East Campus, and in several of the dormitories and the faculty housing areas.

Given the emergency needs on the scene, we kindly request that the items listed below be given priority in your donations. The donated goods will then be collected by the Office of the Dean of Students and shipped to the region as quickly as possible.

  • Food, clothing, diapers and toys (for infants and children)
  • Canned food, bottled water, tea, biscuits, sugar and salt (for adult nutrition)
  • Tarpaulins and nylon/plastic sheeting, Blankets and clothing suitable for cold weather, including anoraks, overcoats, sweaters, trousers, gloves, etc. (for shelter and clothing)
  • Disposable towels, refreshing towels, toilet paper (for hygiene and sanitation)
  • Gauze pads, latex gloves, hydrogen peroxide, medical masks (for first aid)
  • Batteries of all sizes and voltages, extension cords, bulbs, flashlights, screwdrivers and heavy-duty work apparel (gloves, helmets, overcoats, etc.)

The editorial board, staff and student writers and columnists of the Bilkent News join with the entire Bilkent community in expressing our deep sadness for those affected by the earthquake. We would also like to note that most of the articles in the newspaper and in particular the columns were written and prepared before Sunday, when the earthquake occurred.