Turkish Unit Instructor Publishes New Books

Vedat Yazıcı, an instructor in the Turkish Unit of the Faculty of Humanities and Letters, has two young adult books out from Koza Dünyası Publishing, titled "Barış'ın Trenleri" (Trains of Peace) and "Poyrazın Çocukları" (Children of the Northeast Wind).

Mr. Yazıcı received his education in teacher training high school and in the Department of Literature of the Necatibey Education Institute. He then graduated from the Faculty of Education of Gazi University. Children and children's literature have been important areas of work for him. He has had two children's books published: "Yağmur ile Bahar'ın Masalı" (Tale of Rain and Spring) and "Garip Anne Olacak" (Garip Is Going to Be a Mother). He edited "Cumhuriyet Dönemi Çocuk Şiirleri Seçkisi" (Anthology of Poems for Children from the Republic Period), which was put to press by Ministry of Culture Publications.

Alongside his numerous publications spanning styles from literary criticism and essays to diaries and poetry, Mr. Yazıcı has also been involved in radio broadcasting as a producer and scriptwriter. In addition, he was a member of the editorial board of Bilkent's literary journal, 4 Mevsim, which came out in 14 issues during 1997-2001.