''Sports As a Way of Life'' Training Beats Stress, Increases Fitness!

The "Sports As a Way of Life" Interval Training Program organized by the Physical Education and Sports Center will be held at the Student Dormitory Sports Hall Thursday, November 3, at 6:30 p.m. This is a group activity that combines aerobics, tae-bo, step and fitness training. All students, regardless of current physical ability, are invited to participate. The goal of the Interval Training Program is to bring students together for an exercise program that combines rhythm, fitness training and lots of fun. Students who attended last year's interval training session found that they were able to reduce stress as they enjoyed exercising to energetic music in a social setting.

Please register at the Main Sports Hall, Dormitories Sports Hall and East Sports Hall. For further information, call the Sports Center at ext.1325, 3186 or 5350, or e-mail ahsen@bilkent.edu.tr