COMD Faculty Member Receives IAMS Award

Asst. Prof. Ersan Ocak from the Department of Communication and Design has received the IAMS (International Association for Media in Science) Prize, which is given to the best scientific communication presented at the Avanca - Cinema 2012 International Conference on Cinema, Art, Technology and Communication.

The IAMS jury, composed of Alessandro Griffini (Italy), David Cleverly (UK) and Jan Goldschmeding (Netherlands), awarded the prize for the communication "New Forms of Documentary Filmmaking Within New Media" by Asst. Prof. Ocak.

The presentation received the award for showing "3rd level innovation." It was stated that "Ersan Ocak not only showed how he can make a documentary using new media technology, but also showed how he can use new media technology to make a completely new type of documentary with new characteristics that could not have been made before. In our view, thinking at this level enables us to make real steps forward, in science as well as in media applications."