Young Vision Project Helps High School Students Learn About Volunteerism

The Young Vision Project (Genç Bakış Projesi), an ongoing project of TDP (Social Awareness Projects) since 2003, is intended to help high school students gain awareness of social problems and become actively involved in finding solutions. The project aims to encourage their sense of responsibility and improve their capabilities for active volunteerism by providing training sessions that cover everything from teamwork to project management over an eight- to nine-week period. High school students are also given the opportunity to participate in ongoing TDP projects.

This year, Young Vision Project members are reviewing the results of last year's high school volunteer activities, and during the spring semester will be working with students from Gazi Anadolu Lisesi as their new high school volunteers. Project members look forward to seeing the teenagers' enthusiasm as they learn to participate in projects that serve the community. If you share these ideas about improving the perspective of youth, and would like to become a Young Vision Project volunteer or would like more information, you can contact:

Altuğ Baykal

Gürel Ekrem Ersöz