Volume 5, Number 18
15 February 1999

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Dr. Kalpaklı to Serve as Acting Chair of History Department

Dr. Mehmet Kalpaklı will serve as the Acting Chair of the Department of History starting today, taking up the duties formerly handled by Dr. S. Akşin Somel.

Dr. Somel's area of expertise is 19th Century Ottoman Modernization and Balkan and Arabic Provinces. Dr. Kalpaklı's area of expertise is Ottoman Cultural History.

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Also in this issue:

Volunteers Make a Difference

FEASS and FBA student executive committees decided to help students with their academic and administrative problems and announced at Bilkent News earlier in the year that they opened two offices, one at AZ10 and one at MA119A.

This semester, during registration and the add and drop week they served more than 500 students, including those on East Campus. Out of 18 student representatives in both faculties, 14 volunteered.

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Student Programmers
Want You to Join
in the Software Quest'99 Fun Today

Love 'em or hate 'em, computers are part of everyone's lives and perhaps nowhere more so than in Bilkent's engineering departments, where students and faculty not only use computers but try to develop ever more sophisticated applications.

Today we invite you to view some of these computer programs for yourselves. Please take a few minutes to wander around the exhibition organized as part of Software Quest'99, the 4th Annual Bilkent Programming Contest. We think you will be impressed with what you see, particularly when you consider that many of the projects on display were done as part of the first year programming class, some by students who had not touched a computer before coming to Bilkent!

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