Volume 8, Number 10
27 November 2001

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Bilkent Physics Prof. Receives Parlar Award

Dr. Zafer Gedik
Dr. Zafer Gedik, a faculty member in the Physics Department, has received one of the Young Investigator Awards bestowed by the Parlar

Foundation, for the year 2001.
Dr. Gedik has been cited for his outstanding contributions to the superconductivity of mesoscopic and nanoscopic systems. Every year the Parlar Foundation (in honor of late METU professor Mustafa Parlar) recognizes the achievements of scientists and scholars from diverse disciplines.
Dr. Gedik will receive his award at a commemoration ceremony to be held at METU on 19 December 2001.

Bilkent Symphony Orchestra Concert Notes for Nov. 27

Antonin Dvorak (born September 8, 1841, died May 1, 1904) is one of the greatest composers of the nationalist movement. He was born in what is now the Czech Republic and wrote music in practically every genre. It was Brahms, who, through important contacts, was able to open doors for Dvorak, and was to a large extent responsible for Dvorak’s “American Period”, which ...

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Judges Lose Their Day in Court

Judges Lose Their Day in Court
On a wind swept, cold and cloudy Saturday afternoon, the Bilkent Judges battled the Boğaziçi Sultans in the first full uniform, university American football game to be played in Turkey. Both teams struggled to control the field and played well considering the inclement weather.
Judges Lose Their Day in Court
The adrenaline on the field was easily felt in the stands as Bilkent supporters bravely cheered and rallied behind their team. Although the Judges dropped the game 34-0, their over-all performance, both on offense and defense, gives hope for a much better performance in the near future.
Go Judges!

Opening Ceremony for HART Student Reading Room

Opening Ceremony for HART Student Reading Room
On November 12, the families, friends and teachers of Efe Erel and M. Kerem Uğurel gathered for a ceremony to dedicate a student reading room in their memory. Efe and Kerem, whose lives were cut tragically short in a car accident early last May, had been close friends during their years as students in the Department of Archaeology and History of Art.
Their parents decided that funding a reading room to honor their children would be an appropriate and welcome present to their classmates and future generations of Bilkent art and archaeology students.

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