Volume 8, Number 6
October 30, 2001

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56th Anniversary of the United Nations Celebrated at Bilkent 

   On October 24, at the Bilkent Concert Hall, the 56th anniversary of the U.N. was celebrated with two performances by the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra directed by Karl Anton Rickenbacher and addresses from honored guests
   The guest speakers included Mr. Alfredo Witschi-Cestari, United Nations Resident Coordinator; Prof. Talat Halman, Director of the Center for Turkish Literature....


Chemistry Research Group Discovers a New Liquid Crystalline System 

   Asst. Prof. Ömer Dağ and graduate student Özgür Çelik have discovered a new Liquid Crystalline (LC) system, which was published as a frontispeice in the communication section of the prestigious journal, Angewandte Chemie International Edition. The cover picture depicts the polarized optical microscopy image (characteristic to hexagonal phase of LCs) and a schematic diagram for this system....


PASO Students Film Festival Was Held

This year, the PASO Student Films Festival was held in the Ankara German Cultural Center between 18-21 October. The aim of this activity, which was hosted by the Bilkent University Department of Communications and Design and Ankara University Faculty of Communications...



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Artificial Intelligence Group Launches Meetings

Can machines think? Do they have emotions? Can computers be made to think intelligently? Are we computers? What are computers anyway? Founded in 1992 under the auspices of the world-wide Association for Computing Machinery, Bilkent ACM SIGART, a local “Special Interest Group on Artificial Intelligence”, brings together a diverse group of people interested in these sort of questions....









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