Volume 9, Number 1
24 September 2002

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From the Rector

Dear All Members of Bilkent Community,
Two days ago, a leading newspaper (Hürriyet) released the most recent ratings of universities in Turkey. As usual, Bilkent, again, was on the top of the list. The consistent pace of success of this young institution is a result of your exemplary efforts. Congratulations!
The constructive achievements of Bilkent's students, faculty and staff, shine in this region of the world, where there is a need for such models.
There are many others, who come to observe and emulate you. Your success not only benefits yourself in terms of personal development, but also those who choose to follow your path.
Each year we search for ways to improve on our educational, research, extracurricular and service activities. The strive towards excellence is a never-ending process, and we need your ideas and suggestions. I will be delighted to receive your e-mail at rector@bilkent.edu.tr We may not be able to implement every recommendation, but still, by hearing your views we will be able to serve you better.
My best wishes are with you.
Ali Doğramacı

From the Dean of Students

Welcome to all new students. We are pleased that you chose Bilkent University. For those students returning, welcome back.
As you begin the new academic year keep in mind that you are now distinguished members of the Bilkent community. That means you can enjoy all the academic and social activities offered to you for your intellectual and personal growth here.

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Also in this issue:

Bilkent University Ranks Number 1 Again

On September 18th an evaluation of Turkish Universities was published in Hürriyet, a popular Turkish daily. The front page gave the ranking of the universities as follows:

1) Bilkent
2) Koç
4) Hacettepe
5) Başkent
6) Boğaziçi
7) Sabancı
8) İTÜ

The evaluation was based on data from Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) of Philadelphia, and the report of The Inter University Council of Turkey (Üniversitelerarası Kurul).
The findings recently put out by the ISI, has Turkey ranked 25th in the world in the production and publication of scientific research papers for 2001. When one looks at the papers per faculty members in Turkey, Bilkent University is ranked at the top of the list, followed by Koç University and METU. The University is also ranked the highest overall in Turkey in the fields of the Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities.

Statue of Prof. Doğramacı Unveiled

On June 26, the Bilkent community gathered for the unveiling of Prof. İhsan Doğramacı’s statue, erected next to the B Building (Computer Center Building). The three metre sculpture of Prof. Doğramacı was made in Azerbaijan by sculptor Prof. Dr. Ömer Eldarov and presented to Bilkent University by the President of Azerbaijan, Haydar Aliyev. The Bilkent University senate voted to accept this thoughtful gift on June 10, 2002.

President Haydar Aliyev presented the sculpture himself. In his speech, President Aliyev emphasized that the sculpture of Prof. Doğramacı represented above all, the friendship of the Turkish and Azerbaijan people. He continued, "İhsan Doğramacı asked not to have his statue erected before he passed away. However, I wanted to make an exception to that rule. He kindly accepted my wish. This statue will live for centuries to come and will stand as a symbol of humanity and civilization for Turkish people and future generations at Bilkent University."

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