Volume 9, Number 19
11 March 2003

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Career Fair to Begin Soon

The Career Development and Placement Center (CDPC) is currently planning the fifth annual Career Fair, which will take place on March 28. In 1999 Bilkent University, with the help of CDPC, organized the first career fair held in Ankara.
This year, students will again have the opportunity to meet with representatives of private and governmental institutions from Turkey and throughout the world. Meeting representatives, gathering information about companies, and presenting their CV’s will all be beneficial to the students for future internship and full time career positions.
During “Career Days” which follows in March, April and May, CDPC will schedule individual interviews for interested students with various companies from the public and private sector. It is important to begin preparing now for the Career Fair and the interviews that will occur during Career Days. Contact the CDPC at ext. 1911, or by e-mail at kayiyem@bilkent.edu.tr for further information about the Career Fair and for assistance with CV preparation. Watch for further career information as the semester proceeds.
The CDPC, Kariyer Kulübü, Management and Economics Club, Operational Research Club and Radio Bilkent will assist in organizing the activities.
“All students who care about their future careers must prepare themselves for tough employment competition after graduation, and should be aware of their own and their employers’ expectations. We, as a Career Club, believe that Career Days followed by the Career Fair provide much needed help for our future. One-to-one interaction with pioneer companies will provide needed answers to many hard questions. We hope to see everyone participate and make use of this great opportunity.”
Selahattin Bilgen,
President of Career Club

“As Bilkenters, we should realize the broad opportunities our university offers us. One of the most important activities in this respect is ‘Career Days’.
As an Operational Research Club, we are supporting and working for a better future career for our members and fellow students. My advice to every single person is to take advantage of this opportunity, and to begin the journey along their career path starting with this first, important step.”
Evren Özkaya,
President of Operational Research Club

Also in this issue:

New Rules for the Student Union Elections Issued

The Inter-University Council (Üniversitelerarası Kurul) issued a new set of rules concerning elections for the university Student Union and other student representatives.
The new rules foresee the election of class student representatives as electors of the department / faculty / school representatives, in addition to that of the Student Union. Under this new procedure, student elections must be held at the beginning of each academic year.
On February 27, the Bilkent University Senate convened and decided that Student Union Elections will be held in October 2003, which means the current Student Union and the Executive Boards of faculties, schools and Institutes will continue their terms until the end of the new elections in October 2003. Members of the Higher Board of Turkish Universities Student Unions, as well as the President of the Bilkent Student Union, Turgay Demirel, were present at the Senate meeting.

2003 Rector’s Cup

The 2003 Rector’s Cup university intramural tournaments and leagues will be starting soon. Those who would like to join any of the tournaments should stop by the Main Campus Physical Education and Sports Center with participation fees and team member lists (if applicable) before the specified dates. Registration deadlines and schedules for the various events are as follows:
Registration: March 10-24
Meeting: Monday, March 24, 5:30 p.m.
Fee: 35.000.000 TL. per team
Registration: March 10-25
Meeting: Tuesday, March 25, 5:30 p.m.
Fee: 45.000.000. TL. per team
Schedules for Badminton, Table Tennis, Squash, Basketball (Men & Women), and Grass Field Soccer tournaments will be posted soon.

Le Piment Rouge Has Something for Everyone

Le Piment Rouge Restaurant (Practice Restaurant) on East Campus has been offering delicious selections of gourmet dishes for more than ten years to the Bilkent community. Le Piment Rouge is an haute cuisine practice restaurant operated by second year students who are taking international cuisine courses. Students prepare and serve meals under the supervision of Henk Kuchlein, Tekin Ertan and Oğuz Benice, assisted by Neşe Savaşçın.

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