Volume 10, Number 27
4 May 2004

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Graduation Ceremony Scheduled June 15

Graduation Ceremonies for Bilkent University undergraduate and graduate students have been set for Tuesday, June 15 at the Bilkent ODEON.
Ceremony and rehearsal times for each department are listed below. Please note the time of your ceremony and make sure that you arrive at the commencement site at least an hour before the ceremony begins.
Morning Ceremony:
Tuesday, June 15, 10:30 a.m.
Graduate Students, FBA, FEASS, FMPA, FS, SATM, VSTHS
Rehearsal: Monday, June 14 at 10 a.m.
Afternoon Ceremony:
Tuesday, June 15, 5 p.m.
Rehearsal: Monday, June 14 at 2 p.m.

Graduation Ball Coming Up!

The Graduation Ball will be held on June 2-3, 2004 at the Bilkent Hotel, Sakarya Ballroom, at 8 p.m., and will feature a live concert by the Turkish pop singer Işın Karaca.
On Wednesday, June 2, 2004:
On Thursday, June 3, 2004:
FADA, FE, FHL, SAL, VSCTOM and BUSEL will be together.
The ticket price is 90 million TL. per person until May 14, and 100 million TL. as of May 17. The tickets will be available as of April 19 at the Alumni Office in the Student Council Building. For further information please contact the Alumni Office at ext. 2236.

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Bilkent Takes 2nd in Angora Cup Football Tournament

The 2nd Angora Cup Tournament was held between April 29- May 2, 2004 at Bilkent’s Main Campus Grass Field. Among the university teams participating in this special event; (Başkent University, Bilkent University, Boğaziçi University, Hacettepe University, Koç University, METU, Sabancı University) Bilkent came in second place after losing first place by penalty kicks against Hacettepe in the last match.
The first Match started right after the opening ceremony between Sabancı and Bilkent. The match ended 5-1 with the victory going to Bilkent.
A shot from 30 meters by Serhan Küt made the score 1-0 for Bilkent University in the 15th minute. Then Sabancı University scored a lob shot from long range and made it 1-1 (Min 32). Bilkent University scored a goal from penalty in Min 39. Kaan Özdemir sent the ball and the keeper to the different sides of the goal and made it 2-1 for Bilkent. A great volley by Ömer Yılmaz was rejected by the keeper but Mustafa Albayrak finished the returned ball and made the score 3-1 for Bilkent in Min 57. After crossing 4 players from Sabancı University, Mehmet Sancak sent the ball inside the penalty area to Alper Tunga and a header from him made the score 4-1 for Bilkent in Min 70. Buğra Ertunç’s low pass from corner of the away teams area finished by Alper Tunga again and the match came to 5-1 in Min 70.
The Bilkent football team played their 2nd game with METU where the game ended 3-3 with goals from Serhan Küt, Mehmet Sancak, and Mustafa Albayrak.
Bilkent played the final game against Hacettepe which ended 2-2. The first 45 minutes of the game ended 0-0. In the second 45 minutes, Bilkent scored 2 goals (Alper Tunga and Serhan Küt). The game ended 2-2 with the penalties and Bilkent took second place at the Angora Cup, with the Cup going to Hacettepe University.

Spring Run 2004 Winners

Organized by the Physical Education and Sports Center, Spring Run 2004 was held on Saturday, May 1. An exceptionally large number of runners, joggers and walkers participated in the Spring Run this year. The course covered 4,5 km. which the participants could run, walk or jog. Afterwards, trophies for the first three finishers of each category were awarded.

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