Volume 10, Number 5
21 October 2003

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Prof. İhsan Doğramacı Honored

On Friday, October 17, Professor İhsan Doğramacı was honored with the presentation of a “Book of Tributes”, compiled by the “International Pediatric Association” and the “World Health Organisation”, edited by Prof. Jane G. Schaller, President of the IPA and Prof. Tomris Türmen Representative for the Director of the WHO.
The book, entitled “Children In His Heart, Youth On His Mind”, consisted of heartfelt personal comments from 50 highly regarded international political and professional figures.
The ceremony began with Gülsin Onay performing S. Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 3 in D minor with the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, followed by personal tributes from 8 distinguished guest speakers. The personal tributes consisted of reflections on the many facets of Professor İhsan Doğramacı's achievements. The ceremony concluded with the presentation of the “Book of Tributes” by Süleyman Demirel, 9th President of Turkey.

Faculty Member Awarded in Toronto

Özlem Sandıkçı, Faculty member of the Faculty of Business Administration, has received the 2003 Association for Consumer Research Conference-Best Competitive Paper Award.
The award is presented by the Association for Consumer Research that was established in order to develop consumer research and to promote the

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PhD Student Presents Art to the World

Can Altay, a PhD student in the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, has recently been participating in various art shows, including the 8th İstanbul Biennial. Altay has been invited to present his work under this year’s theme, “Poetic Justice” in the İstanbul Biennial, organized by the İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts.

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Also in this issue:

This Week!

Wednesday, October 22 is the first round of elections for Class Representatives. As you are all aware, the election process of the University Student Council has changed. If the voter turn-out is less than 80% on Wednesday, a second round of elections will be held on Thursday, October 23 (if results are not obtained in the first round) with an expected participation of 50%. Again, if results are not obtained in the second round then a third and last round, of elections will be held on Friday, October 24.
There have also been a few changes in regard to where students will be voting. Online voting places will be located at:

  • Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (2 locations)
  • B-Building (5 locations)
  • Faculty of Economics Administrative and Social Sciences and Faculty of Business Administration (A), (6 locations)
  • Faculty of Engineering (E), (4 locations)
  • Faculty of Music and Performing Arts (P), (1 location)
  • East Campus School of English Language (4 locations)
  • School of Applied Technology and Management (2 locations)
    To be able to vote you only need your student ID card with you, and you can vote at any of the voting points mentioned above.
    So if you want a quick and efficient result, make the effort to get to the online voting locations nearest you and vote. The election results can be followed online at www.bilkent.edu.tr/konsey

    Sibel Muradoğlu,
    Student Council Acting President

    Republic Run 2003

    On Saturday, October 18, at 11 a.m., nearly 210 people of all ages - runners, joggers and walkers - gathered outside the East Campus Sports Hall for a run, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey.
    The participants ran 5 km from East Campus to Main Campus. At the end of the run contestants received free Bilkent t-shirts and an awards ceremony then took place in the Main
    Campus Sports Hall, and the winners were presented with trophies.
    Here is the full list of the winners in the various categories of the Republic Run 2003:
    Women’s Overall: Miranda Raimandi
    Men’s Overall: Hüseyin Çelebi
    Women 11-15: Yaprak Beşik, Nelly Gagua, Yasemin Öztabak
    Men 11-15: Malik Rasullov, Kudret Anrahov, Yunus Emre Arısoy
    Women 16-24: Miranda Raimandi, Ebru Gülay, Müge Sakı
    Men 16-24: Hüseyin Çelebi, Evgeni Utgin, Sabri Kılınç
    Women 25-34: Olga Samarskaya, Pelin Ercan, Buket Şafakkaya
    Men 25-34: Valeri Morkva, Yener Atakan, Siran Makmelki
    Women 35-44: -
    Men 35-44: Fahrettin Baycan, Sergei Potbolotov, Hüsnü İçer
    Women 45-54: Barbara Eykak, Nermin Fenmen, Yıldız Öztürk Balamir
    Men 45-54: Selçuk Caner, İbrahim Turan, Don Randal
    Women 55-59: -
    Men 55-59: -
    Women 60 and Over: Emel Giray
    Men 60 and Over: Bülent Bozkurt
    Guest Women: Sıla Çap, Özgen Gürsan, Olcay Akkor
    Guest Men: Nevzat Mutlu, Emre Başyiğit, İlker Bacaksız

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