Volume 12, Number 19
28 February 2006

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Faculty of Humanities and Letters Decks Its Halls

The Faculty of Humanities and Letters (FHL) has started decorating its corridors with art created by Bilkent Fine Arts students. In February, FHL hung eleven silkscreen prints (serigraphy), each by a different student, in its main corridor.

The young artists are Nevra Bilge, Aysen Doğan, Efe Eke, Atacan Kasal, Nimet Kurşuncu, Işıl Öndeş, Özgen Özcihan, Ardan Özmenoğlu, Ceylan Sağdıç, Nalan Sezginer and Ümit Tarık Yaşar. They produced the prints for the course "Introduction to Printmaking (Silkscreen Prints)" taught by Dr. Ilgım Veryeri Alaca in the Faculty of Fine Arts. Dr. Veryeri personally supervised the hanging of her students' prints, and also donated one of her own works to IBEF.

The Student Council Visits the Anıtkabir

The Student Council members organized a visit to the Anıtkabir on Monday, February 20. The ceremony began at 1:30 p.m. at the main entrance to the Anıtkabir, and continued with a walk up the Aslanlı Yol, a moment of silence for Atatürk and a formal signing of the special visitors' book.

The Student Council President Erkan Mert Yilmaz signed the book with these words: "Turkish youth, we were born into a nation based on the principles of Atatürk; we've walked in his path, and we'll always follow him."


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March at the Bilkent Concert Hall

The Bilkent Symphony Orchestra is offering a March program schedule not to be missed. In addition to the BSO's regular concerts, the March programs include the second special Mozart concert of the 2006-2007 Bilkent Mozart Season.

For information on ticket availability and prices, please call ext.1775. (Continued)

Ankara Cyberpark & Bilkent University Innovative Project Competition

Ankara Cyberpark, in cooperation with KOSGEB, TTGV and Bilkent University, is taking another step to support young entrepreneurs by organizing an "Innovative Project Competition" for Bilkent University undergraduate students.

The competition encourages students to convert their innovative ideas into projects. Students can apply by filling in the pre-application form found on the Cyberpark website, www.cyberpark.com.tr. Competitors may enter as individuals or as groups. Applicants have until April 28 to submit their projects, which should also include a business plan and concept demonstration. (Continued)



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