Volume 13, Number 18
13 Feburary

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Interview on Global Warming with Science Faculty Dean, Prof. Hasan Erten

This week Bilkent News interviewed the Dean of the Science Faculty, Prof. Hasan Erten on global warming and its effects. Prof. Erten earned his M.Sc.in Chemistry from the Middle East Technical University in 1967 and his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1971.

Bilkent News: Prof. Erten, what is global warming and what are the possible causes of it?
Prof. Erten: First of all, we should start by understanding the "Greenhouse Effect," which has been present on Earth since before the first appearance of humankind within the timescale of evolution. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases such as water vapor (H2O), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O) warm the surface of the Earth naturally by trapping the reflected solar heat in the atmosphere. Without this effect, our planet would be too cold to be habitable and for living things to survive. However, global warming is different. After the Industrial Revolution of the last two centuries, CO2 production rapidly increased in a relatively short period of time. Due to the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil in ever increasing amounts, we dramatically increased the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and consequently the average temperatures are rising. Deforestation for residential and commercial purposes also contributes to global warming by decreasing the oxygen (O2) concentration thereby increasing the levels of CO2 indirectly.

B.N.: You mentioned "greenhouse gases." Why are they so important? And which of them are more influential on the atmospheric and oceanic temperature rise?
Prof. Erten: Geenhouse gases, such as water vapor, methane, CO2 and ozone (O3), are naturally present in atmosphere. Greenhouse gases absorb heat radiation coming from the surface of Earth, keeping the world warmer than it otherwise would be. Industrial activities result in the release of CO2, methane, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) into the atmosphere in increasing amounts. Among all of those gases, CO2 is documented to account for over 70% of global warming because of its much larger-scale production. (continues)

...Updated Student Council Web Site...

Dear friends,
Over the past few years, the student council has been working to improve its web site, as it was not sufficient enough to satisfy the needs of our students. This year's student council has finally established a project to make the web site more relevant and informative by updating it with important information about the activities of the council. The improved and updated student council web site will be made available next week at http://www.konsey.bilkent.edu.tr/   

The website is prepared by: Engin Tekin (CS/IV), Doğan Kaya Berktaş (CS/IV), Barbaros Başaran (CTIS/III), and Yekmer Şimşek (METU).

The Student Council

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Virtual Museum of Çanakkale Shipwrecks

Güzden Varınlıoğlu, a PhD student of Prof. Bülent Özgüç of the Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Department, was chosen as a recipient of an award by TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) in the Cultural Tourism Project Contest in Turkey. The contest, arranged for the first time, is concerned with preserving and bringing awareness to sites of cultural heritage. The project aims to preserve maritime culture and naval history along the Dardanelle coastline. The project database and web page will document and update all academic research done on the ancient shipwrecks of the region and will be supplemented by a virtual museum that is going to provide a flow of information which is not spatially bound.

Güzden Varınlıoğlu won the third place award for her project "Virtual Museum of the Dardanelle Shipwrecks" from more than a hundred entries. The award ceremony will be held in early March at the Bilkent Hotel.

BSO Album Released

The Bilkent Symphony Orchestra has released their second international album, recorded in December 2005 at the Bilkent Concert Hall. The CD features world famous pianist İdil Biret and French conductor Alain Paris with pieces from Jules Massenet and Cesar Franck.

The French symphonic pieces and concertos on this album are played breathtakingly with the warm and soothing style of İdil Biret, the commanding conduction of Alain Paris and the precision of the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra. Prominent music journalist Ivan March commented on the album in the December 2006 issue of Gramophone magazine saying he enjoyed the performance and looked forward to more recordings from this group of artists.

Sera De Vor (AMER/II)

An Exploration of the
“Essential, Pure and Direct”

The first painting exhibition of 2007 at the Bilkent University Library Art Gallery opened with a reception on February 8. The opening reception was a chance for the Bilkent University community to experience the abstract paintings and meet the participating painters. Abstract paintings of 24 well-known Turkish artists provide the exhibition with a rare theme, and the paintings are presented with the title "Essential, Pure, Direct" (Öz, Yalın, Dolaysız). Art consultant of the Art Gallery, Attila Güllü, reports that "abstraction" is a way to represent the world in its essential, purest, and most direct way. This is why they have chosen this title for the collection. (continues)

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