Volume 14, Number 28
May 13, 2008

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Distinguished Teachers Honored

The University is pleased to announce the recipients of the Distinguished Teachers of the Year Awards for 2008. Prof. Abdullah Atalar, Prof. Selim Aktürk, Assoc. Prof. Marie-Henriette Gates, Asst. Prof. Alev Çınar and Asst. Prof. Ali Aydın Selçuk were chosen for demonstrating outstanding teaching abilities, and for contributing to students' academic and intellectual development. Bilkent News asked this year's "Distinguished Teachers" for their thoughts on receiving this award.(continues)

Knowledge Contest Mixes Kids, Fun and Education


Last week, a knowledge contest was organized by the Voluntary Education Project of the Bilkent University Social Awareness Projects (TDP) at Mithat Çoruh Auditorium. Seven primary schools - Ege, Gazeteci Hasan Tahsin, Köşklüdere, Mamak, Nedim İnal, Özkent Akbilek, and Polisamca - took part.

In the first of two elimination rounds, Ege, Nedim İnal, Özkent Akbilek, and Polisamca went head to head, with the remaining schools taking part in the the second segment. Nedim İnal and Gazeteci Hasan Tahsin won a spot in the finals with their performance. Mamak got the highest points between the second place schools from both rounds, and therefore also moved on to the finals. Nedim İnal ended up winning overall with Mamak in second.


During the breaks, volunteers and students played music and had fun together. It was the first time this event was held and it proved to be a wonderful experience for all involved.

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New Smoking Rules in Effect as of May 19


In accordance with the law on “Prevention and Control of Harm from Tobacco and Tobacco Products,” as of May 19, 2008, smoking will not be permitted in any enclosed area of the University. Previously designated cafeteria smoking areas will be closed.

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