Volume 14, Number 06
October 30, 2007

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Board of Trustees Meets

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The Bilkent University Board of Trustees, presided over by Professor İhsan Doğramacı, met Thursday, October 25.
A number of important topics were on the agenda. One of them was the development and progression of the new Executive MBA Program that will be launched in İzmir in January 2008.

The other topic was the construction taking place on campus, including the new Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Faculty Housing, Lecture Hall and UNAM (National Nanotechnology Research Center) building projects. These projects were reviewed. Additionally, a committee, formed by the Faculty of Engineering, brought a proposal to initiate a new Mechanical Engineering Department in the near future. The Board analyzed and discussed the issue.

A number of proposals which have been put forth by the University Senate were discussed and accepted. These included changes in the 31st article of the Student Code of Discipline, and the Graduate Education Regulations of both the Institute of Engineering and Science, and the Institute of Economic and Social Sciences.

The Board of Trustees meeting also included a presentation about the "Friends of Bilkent University."

Bilkent University, IAED - TAI Collaborate on Student Competition

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In the 2006-2007 Spring Semester, Design Studio students from the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, worked on a project that could be described as a practical implementation exercise. TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries) needed to renovate their existing administrative building, and turned to Bilkent University to help organize a student competition that would result in a new design for the offices they desired. (continues)

Bilkent Community Unites Against Terror

On Thursday, October 18, a large part of the Bilkent Community gathered to walk against terrorism, and highlight the "Support for the Heroes of the Counterterrorism Struggle" campaign that assists families of Turkish soldiers killed in the country's struggle against the larger problem of terrorism.

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Organized by the Student Council, the walk began in front the FEASS and ended at the plaza by Atatürk's Statue. The ceremony began with a moment of silence, followed by the national anthem. The event concluded with the declaration of the Student Council by President Necmi Candemir.

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funny.jpg (4740 bytes)Thank goodness, Bilkent ranks as a serious and dignified academic institution - also a humorous and funny one. Like so many other outstanding universities (say Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Princeton, Sorbonne et al), it knows how to synthesize sobriety and levity, high mindedness and sense of humor. Best teachers everywhere - certainly at Bilkent - blend earnest instruction with good-natured jokes. Hardly a paradise for frolics, Bilkent lives on as a genial milieu. (continues)

Expedition Reveals Possible Hittite Religious Centre

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A new archaeological expedition began in August of last year, exploring the most northern Hittite city yet discovered, near Oymaağaç village (Vezirköprü, Samsun district).
The project is being conducted by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rainer Czichon and Hittitologist Prof. Dr. Jörg Klinger from the Freie Universität Berlin,(continues)

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