Volume 16, Number 17
February 16, 2010

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The Importance of Personal and Social Development in Business

Kişisel Gelişim Günleri

Bilkent News had a chance to speak with Yıldız Öztürk Balamir, Coordinator of the Career Center, about the importance of Personal Development and what students can expect to gain from the upcoming Career Days.

What does Personal Development entail?
Personal Development teaches instrumental skills for life success, the particular skills that make a difference in one's professional career. Personal development parallels academic life and is an important area where individuals must improve their current skill set. The years spent in university are the basis for this through active participation in extracurricular activities, even if these are dancing, visiting different countries or just simply reading your favorite author's books.

Yıldız Öztürk Balamir

How will attending the Personal Development sessions be useful for students?
The program provides a lot of guidance to raise students' awareness about what skills they have and what skills they need to develop. This program will be very useful to students in all disciplines. Individuals should know what their strengths and weaknesses are so they may target their weaknesses and enhance their strengths.

The Bilkent Judges are Ready for the New Season


The Bilkent Judges are ready for the first game of the upcoming American Football League season. The first game will be with the Bilgi Hunters on Saturday, February 27, at 12:30 p.m., at the grass field on the Main Campus.   

Bilkent News spoke with coach Erkan Akçabay,  about Bilkent's own American football team, the Judges last week. Akçabay shares with readers the team's challenges, feats, and aspirations.

Can you tell us about the team's current situation?
The Bilkent University American football team, the Judges, opened the 2009-2010 fall season with 36 new players. The majority of the team was composed of freshmen. As in  previous years, the Bilkent Judges will participate in the inter-university league this year. Though it remains disadvantageous that the majority of the team is inexperienced, the Bilkent Judges are lucky to be so hungry for success.

How were our team's game rankings determined? How do you see the general situation of the league and the rivals?
Last season the Bilkent Judges ranked in the semi-finals between 18 university teams, and closed the season ranked at 4th place by elimination in the semi-finals. Hacettepe and Gazi University, which finished the season in this final four, are also very ambitious teams. This year only 15 teams participated in the inter-university leagues. We will play against Bilgi University on February 27th, and against Ankara University on March 14th. Although we won the games last year against these two universities, we all know how good they are.


What are your expectations for the team this year?
With the success we had last year of being among the top four university teams, this year we went through a new restructuring. This season our biggest goal is to at least reach the semi finals.

Where do you see the team going in the long term?
With the new structures in place, and with our new players, we would like to be the biggest candidate in the next two years to go for the championship.

What can be done in order to make the team more popular among students in the university?
We don't have any concerns about being popular, but we need to be supported by all Bilkenters and be taken more seriously by the students and faculty members. Besides that, we would also like to see a bigger and enthusiastic audience at our home games.

Are there any other comments you would like to add?
Our first game in the league is against Bilgi University on February 27th. We invite all students and faculty members to the Main Campus Grass Field at 12:30 p.m. Also, you can reach Erkan Akçabay (Coach), Erkan Mert (Coach) and Yiğit Binici (director) at the Physical Education and Sports Center.

Mehmet Ali Salman (MAN/III)
Bilkent News

Bahar Yetiş Kara Receives IAP 2009 Award

Prof. Bahar Yetiş KaraAssoc. Prof. Bahar Yetiş Kara has become one of the five recipients of the 2009 IAP Award for Young Scientists. Only five distinguished people are awarded this honor, which gives support to the most innovative and promising projects initiated between Young Scientists and the World Economic Forum's business community during the "Summer Davos."

The Inter Academy Panel (IAP) and TWAS (The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World) jointly support projects drawn up with a business entrepreneur. Young Scientists established contact with these entrepreneurs at the Summer Davos held in Dalian in September 2009. The project, "Persistent Access to Food Security Through the Use of Biometrics, Low-cost Computing and Logistics," written by Dr. Kara (young scientist from Turkish Academy of Sciences) and Marc Anthony Zimmermann (Head of Broccoli Project- South Africa) received the support.

The Annual Meeting of the New Champions, the Summer Davos, is the foremost global business gathering in Asia. Introduced in 2007, the Meeting is held in close collaboration with the People's Republic of China and with the personal support of Premier Wen Jiabao.

13th Ankara Jazz Festival Warms Up February

Ankara Jazz

The International Ankara Jazz Festival began last Wednesday, presenting a diverse schedule of musical performances for all jazz lovers. Artists include not only local musicians but also those famous around the world. The festival is in its 13th year and goes until February 20. 
This year the festival is especially good news for Bilkenters. Most of the events will take place at the Bilkent Concert Hall, with the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra also performing as part of the festival.

Some of the scheduled performers include: world famous French pianist Jacky Terrasson; Çetin Akıncı; Erdinç Aktuğ; Tuluğ Tırpan; Schal Sick Brass Band from Germany; the first female jazz pianist of Turkey, Nilüfer Verdi; Aydın Esen; Emin Ersoy; and Ido Bukelman from Jerusalem. And as in previous years, the festival will feature a "special" concert series where the Turkish Air Forces Jazz and Dance Orchestra will be performing.

"This year the Ankara Jazz Festival brings world famous artists together with other young and outstanding musicians," said festival director Özlem Oktar Varoğlu. "That is quite favorable for every person's different taste in music."

She also said that after a long period of preparation, the artists were specifically chosen with the aim of reaching and connecting with the masses.

"Personally, it's my strong advice that if you don't have that much time to attend everything, Jacky Terrasson, Kerem Görsev and Fahir Atakoğlu are among the ones that stand out at first glance," she said.

For further information, visit the official website, www.ankaracazfestivali.com

Seda Yıldız (COMD/III)
Bilkent News

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