2010 Fall Fitness Challenge Finals

The 2010 Fall Fitness Challenge ended on November 14. Of the 100 challenge participants, 32 succeeded in collecting at least 150 points by exercising regularly between October 11 and November 14. The 2010 Fall Fitness Challenge, held at the Student Dormitories Sports Hall, was open to all students and academic staff. The five week event was intended to encourage students to exercise properly and keep fit.

Fitness Challenge Top Finishers:

1) Ali Çevik, Gökhan Gülten, Hüseyin İnan, İhsan Çulcuoğlu, Levent Burcalıoğlu, Sergey Margilus, Utku Cebecioğlu, Yunus Evren
2) İsmail Arabacı, İsmet Öker
3) Mustafa Ot

1) Ayşegül Güldeş, Çise İrem Dönmez, Nihan Gürsoy
2) Nurulhude Baykal, Tuğçe Kayıtmaz, Yonca Bakır
3) Rabeya Ropani

Correction: An article appeared in the sports section of last week's edition that incorrectly identified the Republic Cup as the Rector's Cup. Thirty-six Bilkenters participated in the table tennis tournament of the Republic Cup. Bilkent News regrets the error.