Bilkent News Picture Challenge

I Know Where You've Been This Week

Hello everyone! I've heard that you've found the previous weeks' challenges easy. Yes, last week’s photo was a scene from Odeon's entrance. The Odeon is the huge amphitheater standing at the heart of the university.

Did you know that the top of Odeon was once open? It was originally designed for open air BSO concerts and graduation ceremonies. However one day, Prof. İhsan Doğramacı went to an open-air concert held at METU and unluckily it started to rain. Players continue playing under umbrellas held by other people and the concert went on with a wet audience. After Prof. Doğramacı returned back to Bilkent, he gave an immediate order to have the Odeon's top closed.

Still, those huge wings covering the Odeon's top cannot protect it from strong winds and cold nights. It is true that Bilkent does not have an auditorium as big and spectacular as the Odeon, so it might be a good idea to develop a project to increase the Odeon's usefulness.

Let's see if you can find where this week's picture was taken. Remember, you do not need to go far away to solve this puzzle. The only thing you should do is to open your eyes while you are in campus and look around.

So, enjoy it! And walk around in the campus more!

Prizes will be:
The first two correct answers win coffee from Coffee Break.
The 15th correct answer wins lunch for one from Le Piment Rouge.