Time to Save Your Memories

It's Yearbook time again! All Bilkent students and faculty can  purchase a yearbook and CD of all the wonderful events that happened and people that you've met in academic year 2010-2011.

To reserve your copy of this special edition, you must pay for it by December 10.

For all those wishing to submit text, please send it to Alumni Center (yillik@bilkent.edu.tr) prior to December 31. For further information concerning text format and details of the printing process,  please contact your departmental committee members or visit the Alumni Center, ext. 2694 or 2668.

Don't forget to write your name and department on your banking receipt and give it to the departmental yearbook committee members or Alumni Center.

The price of this year's yearbook and CD is 75 TL. Please make your deposits into this account: Yapı Kredi - Bilkent  84803292.