Atatürk Remembered, Life Celebrated

November 10, 2010, marked the 72nd anniversary of the death of Turkey's beloved Atatürk. Bilkent University commemorated the landmark date with a program in memory of Atatürk.

The day began at Bilkent's Atatürk Monument with a moment of silence. This was followed by a Mini Concert, performed by Yiğitcan Özer (EEE/II), held in the Mithat Çoruh Auditorium. Yiğitcan performed Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata Op.27 No.2" (Adagio Sostenuto, Allegretto, and Presto Agitato).

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hhVolunteer: Change Lives
Including Your Own

TDP Visits Konya Village

The new plan of Bilkent University's TDP Project (Güneş Köyden Doğuyor, or Gün-Köy) has begun. The project's aim is to improve Gözpınarı Village in Konya socially and economically. The main activities of TDP in Gün-Köy are encouraging children to study for university, advertising Gözpınarı's crops (sugar beet and apple), and helping villagers in their farms. The project started with the participation of 42 volunteers and 220 villagers.

The Gün-Köy team was greeted with flowers and held a meeting with the villagers. Later, the volunteers explored the village. After TDP handed out gifts to village children, everyone shared a meal. The Gün-Köy Team was seen off with happy and sincere faces.

If you want to live this unique experience and become volunteers please contact them.

Library Lunchtime Lecture Explores Turkey's Accession to the EU

On November 10, Professor Sübidey Togan from the Department of Economics gave a talk on the prospects of Turkey's accession to the European Union (EU) for the second lunchtime lecture organized by Bilkent University Library. Noting that Turkey's accession talks have been dogged by a number of problems, Professor Togan tried to answer the questions why Turkey is insisting on membership in the EU if the chances of membership are so dim, and if membership in the EU will not materialize, what are the alternatives?

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