FEASS GE440 Continues With New Lecturers; Student Projects Flourish

The innovative GE440 Interdisciplinary Senior Project course is continuing to investigate globalization. In recent weeks, two more guest lecturers have provided senior FEASS students with insights on the topic.

On March 23, Prof. Ahmet İçduygu, a former Bilkent faculty member who now teaches at Koç University, discussed globalization in terms of international migration and citizenship. His lecture focused on the transformation from citizenship to "denizenship" within the framework of transnationalism. In the future, he said, the changing, globalized market structure is likely to result in multiculturalism rather than assimilation of migrants.

On April 6, Elçin Edis from the Ministry of Economy discussed the development of procedures for multilateral trade negotiations and international production under the umbrella of nongovernmental organizations. Ms. Edis noted that in the free market, the competitiveness of an economy depends on how creative a given country is in working within the global economy. Inequalities between countries occur when a country is not creative enough to defend its position.

GE440 was launched in spring 2012 as a 6-credit elective course for senior students in the Departments of Economics, International Relations and Political Science. While lectures by visiting experts serve to introduce students to key aspects of the topic being studied, the centerpiece of GE440 is the course project, which students complete by working in interdisciplinary teams. The teams will present their project results to a panel of experts on May 11.

For more information about GE440, visit: http://www.facebook.com/BilkentGE440