SAL Students Learn About Computerized Brokerage Operations

A four-week workshop on "Computerized Financial Brokerage Operations and Services" organized by the School of Applied Language's Department of Banking and Finance and its Investment Club recently concluded.

Oyak-Yatırım Company experts conducted the workshop, during which 20 students from the Banking and Finance and Accounting Information Systems departments used the "Matriks" computer program designed for global and in-country financial information and technical analysis.

Asst. Prof. Nazmi Demir, chair of the Department of Banking and Finance, said the following about the workshop: "Among the numerous topics covered, the emphasis was on how to buy and sell stocks, bonds and other securities, how to prepare a financial portfolio, how an initial public offering is carried out, operations with VOB markets, foreign exchange markets, CME, CBOT, commodity markets, financial data bank searches and technical analysis. In addition to repeating the workshop in the following semesters in the newly designed Financial Investment Room, the Department of Banking and Finance will initiate portfolio investment contests, too."