Book Donations Needed for Walking Book Project

Don't be surprised if you find an abandoned book on the bench where you're sitting, or in other random places around campus. Bilkent has become home to a large number of "ownerless" books that have appeared on campus courtesy of the Ayaklı Kitap Projesi (Walking Book Project). The books have the Edebiyat Topluluğu logo on them. Feel free to take one of them with you to read. Then, once you're finished (within a month), just leave it wherever you want on campus. You'll also find the instructions on the first page of the book.

Edebiyat Topluluğu would like to expand the Ayaklı Kitap Projesi with more books. So, if you have a few books that you'd like to see "walking" around campus, please consider donating them to the project.

For more information/to donate books, you may contact: