Ex Libris: News from the Library

New Storage Collection

Last summer, two reading rooms in the Main Campus Library were renovated, one on the second floor of A Block and the other on the basement floor of B Block. As part of these renovations, some books that are used less frequently were relocated to a separate shelving area in order to provide space for future expansion. This new "Storage Collection" is located on the basement level of B Block and is available to readers whenever the Library is open. If you are looking for a book and cannot find it on the regular shelves, please make sure to check the storage collection as well, as it may be there. In the library catalog, these books are described specifically as "Storage Collection" and the location is given as "Storage Collection." And please remember, if you ever have any difficulty finding a book or other item in our collection, do not hesitate to ask a member of the library staff for assistance.

On Wednesday afternoon this week, February 27, the Library will host the second Bilkent Librarianship Seminar for the current academic year. This time, our topic will be electronic books, their development and their importance for libraries and readers. Under the title "Kitap + Teknoloji = E-Kitap?" (Books +Technology = E-Books?), our speakers will be Assoc. Prof. Hakan Anameriç from Ankara University and Asst. Prof. İrem Soydal from Hacettepe University, as well as Ahmet Yüksel of Gazi University Library. If you are interested in attending this seminar, please go to the webpage http://library.bilkent.edu.tr/tr/oglensoylesileri/kut_sem.html for more details and to complete the online registration form. The seminar will be in Turkish, and refreshments will be provided.