FBA Team "Aces the Case" in İstanbul, Will Represent Turkey at International Competition

The "Bilkenters," a team of fourth-year students in the Faculty of Business Administration, have won the 2013 KPMG "Ace the Case" business case analysis competition held in İstanbul February 14-15. The Bilkent students, who competed against teams from Boğaziçi, Middle East Technical, Koç, Sabancı and Dokuz Eylül universities, will now be representing Turkey in KPMG's International Case Competition, to be held April 2-5 in Madrid, Spain.

Sponsored by the international professional services firm KPMG, "Ace the Case" is a two-day workshop, targeted primarily at junior- and senior-year students in economics, administrative sciences, or industrial and/or management engineering, as well as master's students in economics or business administration, with a long-term interest in pursuing a career in auditing, tax consulting or similar business consulting services.

Students participating in the competition get the opportunity to collaborate and compete in a business environment where they can benchmark their business skills against other top students and make new friends and network with professionals and leaders.

During this year's event, teams were given an international business scenario and three hours to work together on a business problem in real time. They were coached and guided throughout the day in order to ensure that they were on the right track. Their task was to come up with recommendations and present those recommendations to business leaders, represented by the jury for the competition. Jury members were KPMG Corporate Finance Partner Hande Şenova, Human Resources Director Seden Kundakçıoğlu, Transaction Services Director Ümit Bilirgen and Tax Director Hakan Güzeloğlu.

The Bilkenters were chosen from among the many talented teams participating in the event on the basis of their demonstration of an impressive array of skills as well as effort and teamwork. The team consisted of Alican Gül, Burak Akgül, Caner Şenol and Zeynep Gizem Akkaya.

Plans for Bilkent Swimming Pool Make a Splash!

There's some great news for the Bilkent community this week: a University swimming pool is about to become reality. It has been announced that construction on the new facility will begin this May and will be completed next year, with the pool to open sometime in 2014.

The swimming pool will be 25 meters in length and 15 meters wide, and enclosed for year-round use. The total enclosed area will be approximately 2,000 square meters. The plans also include a terrace for sunning during the summer months.

The pool will be located behind the Dormitories Sports Hall, and a covered walkway will connect the two facilities.

The entire building is planned to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. For example, the water used in the showers will go through a cleaning process and then be recycled for use in the toilet reservoirs.

In the pool itself, a separate computer-controlled filtering and water system will be employed. The acoustic arrangements in the pool area are being designed to minimize echoes.

The idea for a Bilkent University swimming pool has been talked about for a number of years. With the announcement of definite plans, longtime members of the community who have been eagerly awaiting this news are already looking forward to getting in the swim right here on campus.

Engineering Society Presents Yönet 2013

The Bilkent University Engineering Society will organize a nationwide managership and leadership camp, Yönet 2013, from March 1 to 3 at the Ankara HiltonSA Hotel. It is open to all students from any department, whether from Bilkent University or not. The aim is to bring students who want to be successful managers together with the business leaders of Turkey.

In addition to a series of seminars, there will be workshops where participants can apply their knowledge to specific situations. In particular, engineering students who already have analytic thinking skills will have a chance to improve their management skills. And, over the three days, students will also be given time to socialize, have fun and enjoy entertainment.

For more information about registration,
visit http://muhendisliktoplulugu.com/yonet/
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