Volume 5, Number 12
7 December 1998

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Buckle Up Bilkent!

Use of seat belts saves lives, prevents injuries and emotional trauma, and saves billions of TL in public money. It makes so much common sense to buckle up, there should really be no need for laws making seat belt use mandatory.

This picture, taken last week, says more than 1000 words

Consider just a few facts collected by Bilkent's Traffic Committee.

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Music Show Packs Concert Hall
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It was another busy Tuesday night at the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts: the parking lot was full and the Concert Hall was packed. You might think it was either İdil Biret accompanied by Naci Özgüç concert or a special BASSO performance. WRONG! It was BUPS' (Bilkent University Preparatory School) December 1 Winter Concert performed for teachers, parents, and others by more than 200 talented and hardworking students. Under the leadership of Alan Ginter, BUPS' Head of Music, Emanda Richards, Barbara Bilman, Steven Ledbetter, and Janusz Szprot prepared the students for the annual performance.

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Poetry with Ecevit
Conquers All

Wednesday, December 2, 1998, will be remembered as a significant page not only in the history of Bilkent, but in the history of the Turkish Republic as well. As had been scheduled weeks before, Bülent Ecevit, the Deputy Prime Minister, would take part in a special evening of poetry to celebrate the establishment of Bilkent's Department of Turkish Literature and the forthcoming Center for Turkish Literature.

Just before coming to Bilkent, Bülent Ecevit was asked by the President of the Republic to form a new Cabinet. The very same night the delayed soccer game between last year's champion Turkish and Italian soccer teams, Galatasaray and Juventus, would be played. Neither of the happenings (the new Cabinet formation or the soccer game) could steal the show from the special Bilkent event. Ecevit was there as was a huge audience to listen to him and his poetry.

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Dündar: Media is Irresponsible

Can Dündar, a prominent Turkish newspaper and TV journalist, was invited by the School of Applied Languages to deliver a lecture December 1 titled Is the Turkish Press Fulfilling its Responsibilities These Days? The lecture was held in place of one of the journalism classes.

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Alumni Brunch Heads to Ankara
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This weekend the Alumni Office will hold another Alumni Brunch, part of its successful series of get-togethers for graduates.

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