Volume 5, Number 16
1 February 1999

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Graphic Designer Wins Professional Award

Jacub Michalski Jakub Michalski, a student in Bilkent's Department of Graphic Design, has been awarded the "1998 Grafikerler Meslek Kuruluşu" prize in Graphic Design.

He received the award in the area of Website Design for the Ankara Jazz Association (Ankara Caz Derneği). His design was displayed at the 18th Graphics Design Products Exhibition at Dolmabahçe Cultural Center between January 15 and 25.

Food Price Policy Revised

We're sure everyone has noticed the slightly higher food prices across campus. We talked with Cafeterias Manager Ayhan Dağ about the increase and we got the following information...

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Also in this issue:

Industrial Engineering Students Win International Honors

Third Prize WinnersTwo teams of Bilkent students recently won second and third place in an international competition held as part of the second annual conference of The French Society of Operations Research and Decision Analysis (ROADEF).

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Last Chance for Electives - February 12 Deadline

Below is the academic calendar through the spring. Make sure you use your opportunity to add and drop classes to create the best schedule for your needs (please see the insert in this week's Bilkent News for some sports-related options).

1998 - 1999 Spring Semester

12 February 1999 Last Day for Add/Drop
29-31 March 1999 Bayram Holiday
23 April 1999 National Holiday
11 May 1999 Classes End
12 May 1999 Beginning of Finals
19 May 1999 National Holiday
21 May 1999 End of Academic Year

Ten-year Employees to be Honored

A total of 94 Bilkent administrators, faculty, and staff will soon be recognized with awards for 10 years of actual service at the University. A list of the honorees' names will be published in an upcoming issue of Bilkent News.

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