Volume 5, Number 19
22 February 1999

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World of Music Loses Master Akses

"A loss in the Cultural and Art World," reads the obituary for Professor Necil Kazım Akses prepared by the Bilkent University Music and Performing Arts Faculty. The State Artist Akses taught at Bilkent and served as a member of the University's Board of Trustees. He was among the first composers to bring the influences of the modern Turkish Republic to western classical music. He had compositions for piano, cello, viola, and violin, as well as chamber music, chorus, and orchestra pieces.

Professor Akses was recognized with numerous prizes in Turkey and overseas for his work, which is among the most important in the music history of modern Turkey. Although he was the last representative of the group of five pioneering Turkish composers, his work is still considered to be ahead of its time. Professor Akses was 91.

Career Fair Resume Workshop Set

Going to the Career Fair? BilWrite is holding a resume writing workshop to help you get your resume ready for the event. The workshop will be held at BilWrite in room B-01 in the A-Block of the Science Faculty building on Thursday, February 25, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Sign up at BilWrite or by calling ext. 2652/3/4 and bring a draft of your resume to the workshop.

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25 Firms to Offer Jobs, Internships at Career Fair

Twenty-five major firms will attend Bilkent's Career Fair on Friday, March 5, offering students the opportunity to interview for and discuss job openings and internships without leaving campus.

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Nearly 200 Pack Software Quest Exhibits

Almost 200 people viewed the projects on display at Software Quest '99, an annual software development competition for students held last week.

The group of Ümit Akkuş, Bedirhan Urgun, Yunus Kılıç, Berkin Özmen, Orhan Camoğlu, Seyhmus İnci, Mehmet Çakır and S. Ahmet Bolaç were awarded first place by Computer Engineering and Information Science faculty members and Software Quest visitors. Their project, an Internet-based game called "Let it Bee" was done as part of the first year CS102 course. The group also shared the prize for Best First Year Project with entries from Arda Çelebi, Güral Vural and Ozan Erinçkan. The Turkish Text-to-Speech project of Göker Canitezer and Barış Eker took second place, with Arda Çelebi's Okey game taking third place overall as well as the Special Prize awarded by the Computer Club.

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New Turkish Pop Program On Air

Yağmur Kaçağı, a new Turkish pop program presented by Hande Gönüleren Solak, will have its debut broadcast on Radio Bilkent Alternative FM 106.7 MHz this Thursday, February 25, between 9:30 and 10:30 p.m. The program, which will occupy that same time slot every Thursday, will bring you Turkish pop hits of stars like Barış Manço, Sezen Aksu, Kayahan, Nilüfer, and MFO.

For more information, visit Radio Bilkent's Web site at
e-mail radio@bilkent.edu.tr, or call ext. 2434.

(Ozan Solmaz EE-IV)

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