Volume 5, Number 27
26 April 1999

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Students Enthusiastic After Taking New First-Year English Classes

This semester the First-Year English Program is running several new courses as part of more general changes within the first-year curriculum. Students were able to choose the classes from among those regularly offered by their faculty. The program aims to help students improve their English while becoming critically engaged with the world...

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Meet the Candidates!

In this special issue we present the candidates for the upcoming Student Union Elections.

Also in this issue:

Student Wins Russian Reading Contest

A Bilkent International Relations (IR) student won the Russian Embassy's recent Puskin Poems Reading Contest, besting 14 competitors from Russian Language and Literature faculties from across Turkey...

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Radio Bilkent Seeks Summer Help

Radio Bilkent is seeking DJs who can work during the summer holiday to handle a limited number of morning and evening broadcasts...

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Bilkent Summer School to Offer Extensive Course Selection

How about a productive summer? Why don't you try Bilkent's Summer School?

A full list of the Summer School's extensive course offerings and their tuition is posted at the school's Website...

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Get Ready for Spring Fest '99!

Spring has arrived and so the Spring Festival will start soon! Bilkent's traditional Spring Fest for 1998-1999, organized through the joint efforts of the Dean of Students' Office and the Student Union, will take place May 6 and 7...

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