Volume 6, Number 27
8 May 2000

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Youth Symphony Orchestra First to Represent Turkey at International Festival

The Bilkent Youth Symphony Orchestra (BYSO), composed of musicians aged 16-25 who are currently enrolled in the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, attended the XIX. International Youth Orchestra Festival in Spain from April 14-24. The annual festival hosted 600 young musicians from a number of countries, including Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, France, and Poland. The BYSO, the first-ever Turkish participant in the festival, was invited, as with all entrants, on the basis of a videotaped performance sent to the organizing committee...

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Grup Gündoğarken to Cap Sports Games

On Wednesday, May 10, starting at 4 p.m., there will be a big gathering at Bilkent ODEON, the new amphitheater on Main Campus. As part of the Second Annual Turkish University Sports Games, an awards ceremony will be framed by a short concert by BASSO and a special performance by Grup Gündoğarken...

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Volunteer Students Teach Computer Skills

Since the 1994-95 academic year, volunteer Bilkent students have been running free computer courses for local high school students. Each year has seen the program expand, with over 250 high-schoolers taught by 21 volunteers at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels in 1999-2000. On April 30, the high school students who had completed the advanced course in Web Page Design and Computer-Aided Presentation gave demonstrations of their project work. The 32 students, from Yeşilöz and Esenevler High Schools in Altındağ and Nahit Menteşe and Niğbolu High Schools in Mamak, presented, in groups, such subjects as "The Underwater World", "Antalya", "Education in Turkey", and "Cancer" through the medium of computers. The response from the audience of family and teachers was overwhelmingly positive. The high school students rounded off the presentations by thanking the program coordinator Nermin Fenmen, Chair, CAA/CAD...

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