Volume 7, Number 5
16 October 2000

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Presidents Meet at Bilkent

Last week, Vaclav Havel, Czech President, was awarded an honorary doctorate at Bilkent University in a ceremony graced by the presence of Ahmet Necdet Sezer, President of the Turkish Republic.

Havel, known for his literary work, was presented the honorary doctorate degree by Prof. Abdullah Atalar, Acting Rector. After the ceremony, Havel answered some of the questions posed by the audience.

One of the questions sought an explanation as to how he had managed to write his books during the time of his imprisonment by Czech authorities. He replied that as all his work was censored by the authorities, he had to develop a very complicated language in order to communicate...

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Prof. Doğramacı Receives Honorary Doctorate

Prof.İhsan Doğramacı has received an Honorary Doctorate degree from Osmangazi University in Eskişehir.

The University Senate resolved to present the Honorary Doctorate to Prof. Doğramacı in recognition of his establishment of the first Institute of Child Health in Turkey and for his more than half a century of service to medicine, child health, medical education and higher education in general and for the strong support he provided in the establishment of the Osmangazi Faculty of Medicine in 1970.

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Bilkent Students Take Top Honors

Students from the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture took first and second place at the Kuğulu Park Student Design Project Competition, which was held between May 1 and September 8.

The aim of the competition was to redesign Kuğulu Park and its environs. The competition was organized by the Chamber of Landscape Architects of the Turkish Chamber of Architects and Engineers (TMMOB) in collaboration with the Kavaklıderem Association. There were 10 projects prepared by students from different universities. Efe Korkut Kurt (LAUD/2000), Alihan Polat (LAUD/2000) and Ahmet Yıldız (LAUD/IV) shared first with their joint project, and Onur Basri Çamurlu (LAUD/IV) took second... Click, to read the whole text

MATH Students Are Awarded

Two students, Bahattin Yıldız (MATH/IV), and Seçil Gergün (a graduate student), at the Department of Mathematics received the "Orhan Alisbah Fellowship" last week.

This fellowship - conferred in memory of Prof. Orhan Alisbah (1910-1989), one of the best-known mathematicians in Turkey - is given to one undergraduate and one graduate student each year.

Annually, since 1998, Prof. Bilsel Alisbah son of Orhan Alisbah, has awarded students in the Department of Mathematics at Bilkent with the fellowship. Prof. Bilsel Alisbah is currently a faculty member at the Department of Management.. Click, to read the whole text

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