Volume 8, Number 23
16 April 2002

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Bilkent Professor to Govern European Development Bank

Prof. Orhan Güvenen, chair of the Institute of World Systems, Economies, and Strategic Research, has been elected president of the governing board of the European Council Development Bank. He will assume his post starting in July 2002 in Paris, for a three-year term.
Prof. Güvenen joined Bilkent University in 1988. He has served as Ambassador of Turkey to the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) between 1994-1997 and as Undersecretary of State Planning Organization (DPT) between 1997-1999. Bilkent students have benefited from his presence not only through his teaching, but also from his experience in the senior administrations of respected organizations.

Radio Bilkent is Back

On April 11, 2002, Radio Bilkent once again started broadcasting at its 96.6 FM frequency.
All the hits, all the best music, and all the newest music is back in Ankara.
Stay tuned to Radio Bilkent 96.6!

MBG Student Receives Fellowship from Harvard University

Zeynep Madak, a fourth year student in the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, has been accepted with a fellowship to Harvard University for a Master’s Program in Molecular Biology and Genetics.
In order to be accepted to the Master’s Program at Harvard, Zeynep had to pass numerous examinations. After her application was accepted, she was invited to the U.S.A. along with 16 other finalists for an interview. In the end only 8 students were accepted: Zeynep was the only Turkish student among them. She will be at Harvard on a “Taplin Fellowship”, which includes full tuition.

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Two MBG Members Receive TÜBA Young Investigators Award

Two faculty members of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics have received the Distinguished Young Scientist Award of the Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA). The award is given under the guidelines of the GEBIP (Üstün Başarılı Genç Bilim İnsanlarını Ödüllendirme Programı), which is a fellowship program recently launched by TÜBA to promote outstanding young scientists.

The award is a three year fellowship, and each year provides financial support in the amount of 10 billion TL, to be used for research projects. Dr. Çetin-Atalay was selected for this award because of her work on differential apoptotic response of HCC cells under Selenium deficiency. Dr. Tazebay was selected in recognition of his recent works on the hormonal regulation of the iodide transporter gene in the mammary gland.

Euroforum 2002 Held in İstanbul

This year two delegations representing Bilkent University, both advised by Dr. Yüksel İnan, attended the Euroforum 2002, organized by Galatasaray University in İstanbul between March 28 and April 1.
The Euroforum is a simulation in which students act as political representatives to discuss the main issues concerning the international community, while respecting the procedures and guidelines of actual political bodies. Participants seek to protect the interests of the state or the organization which they represent. All delegates and chair people are students. The Sessions were held at the historical site of the Galatasaray High School.
This year, four of the EU’s institutions were simulated: the European Commission, the European Council, and the European Parliament divided into committees on Freedoms of Citizens, Economic and Monetary Affairs, and Foreign Affairs. The issues that were discussed in Euroforum 2002 were Global Terrorism and the European Security and Defense Identity, Globalization and the EU's Economy, and Globalization and Human Rights.
The delegates returned to Bilkent

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