Volume 9, Number 2
1 October 2002

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Dr. Bennett Awarded
Prestigious FSA

In May 2002, Dr. Julian Bennett, an Instructor in the Department of Archaeology since 1995, was elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London. Originally founded in 1586, the Society of Antiquaries received its Royal Charter in 1751, and is reputed to be the oldest archaeological institution in the world, with an international fellowship limited to 2,000 members.
According to the Society’s constitution, to be elected a Fellow an individual must be a person “excelling in the knowledge of antiquities and history”. Dr.Bennett’s credentials include over 50 published papers and two books written while at Bilkent: “Trajan”, “Optimus Princeps” (Routledge/Indiana 1997; revised edition, 2001), and “Towns in Roman Britain” (Shire 2002, 3rd fully revised edition).
At present Dr.Bennett is preparing a book on the history, art and culture of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Antioch.

Computer Engineering Student Receives Achievement Award

The Linux Achievement Award 2002 (Linux Başarı Ödülleri 2002) competition, organized by IBM Türk, concluded with an award ceremony on September 17.
Taking first place in the Expert Application Category was the Lin-SAP project, designed by Bilkent Computer Engineering master student Özcan Öksüz and METU Civil Engineering master student Orhan Ünal.
Lin-SAP is a user-friendly, interactive structural analysis program designed to be used by civil engineers. It is composed of two parts. The first part focuses on constructional analysis using a matrix method to find forces at the connections of beams and columns. The second part utilizes a graphical user interface program in order to describe the frame structure of the building; after analyzing the system, it shows resultant forces and movements.

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Anyone for Basketball?

Whether your goal is to become a competitive player or just have fun and relax, Bilkent's basketball courses may be just what you are looking for. No matter what your skill level is, you are invited to enroll in classes offered at Bilkent.
There is still time to register for basketball courses. There are four different sections of basketball courses for credit which you can choose to fit into your schedule; there are also non-credit basketball courses offered. All basketball courses begin on October 8 and continue for 8 weeks. These courses not only focus on the theory of the game but also stress the idea that basketball should be fun!

If you want to play basketball in your spare time, the Physical Education and Sports Center invites you to the Student Dormitories Sports Hall Basketball Court, which is designed to reduce the risk of injury during activities. You can also play in the Main Campus and East Campus Sports Halls.

Be sure not to miss the Republic Cup 3X 3 basketball tournament for men and women, which will begin on Wednesday, October 9, as well as the 5x5 basketball league for men only which will begin on Tuesday, October 22. Registrations for both will be at the Student Dormitories Sports Hall.
For more information call the Physical Education and Sports Center at ext. 1993, or 1325.

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