Volume 9, Number 5
22 October 2002

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Bilkenters Participate in Republic Run 2002

On Saturday, October 19, at 11 a.m. nearly 250 people of all ages - runners, joggers and walkers - gathered outside the East Campus Sports Hall for a run to celebrate the 79th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey.

Rector Ali Doğramacı signaled the start of the race which sent the participants on their 5 km run from East to Main Campus. At the end of the run contestants happily received their free Bilkent t-shirts. An awards ceremony then took place in the Main Campus Sports Hall and the winners were presented with their trophies.

Here is the full list of the winners in all the various categories of the Republic Run 2002:
Women’s Overall: Nilüfer Yapıcı
Men’s Overall: Hüseyin Çelebi
Women 11-15: Nelly Gagua, Yaprak Beşik, Yasemin Öztabak
Men 11-15: Yalın Atıcı, Malik Rasullov, Mert Uğraş
Women 16-24: Nilüfer Yapıcı, Zeynep Baktır, Serpil Ünal
Men 16-24: Hüseyin Çelebi, Hüseyin Şenerşen, Muhammet Emrah Soğancı
Women 25-34: Nurhan Turgut, Olga Samarskaya, Ayşe Çizmeci
Men 25-34: Bülent Cebeci, Kerim Savran, Hakan Tek
Women 35-44: Semra Mumcu, Sera Şener, Tahire Erman
Men 35-44: Şardor Rasulov, Kraisimir Koniarov, Sergei Podbolotov
Women 45-54: Nermin Fenmen, Praxedis Von Ragdegg, Pamela Kontoiva
Men 45-54: Selçuk Caner, İbrahim Turan, Cengiz Gürer
Women 55-59: -
Men 55-59: Philip Poole, Işık Aksoy, Gürkan Olguntürk
Women 60 and Over: -
Men 60 and Over: Hasan Erten, Bülent Bozkurt, Erol Arkun
Guest Women:Pınar Çağlar, Sibel Ulubey, Hatice Arıkoğlu
Guest Men: Ali Ulubey, Serkan Işık, Caner Aydın

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Ready to Study Abroad? Now is Your Chance!

The Student Exchange program gives students the opportunity to study abroad the entire 2003-2004 academic year or for only the Fall semester. Here is your opportunity to experience a culture different from your own. Students who have minimum a CGPA of 3.00 and are currently in their second year are eligible to apply for the program.

Applicants must submit a CV and a statement of purpose, along with the application form to the Registrar’s Office. The application deadline for Fall 2003 is November 18. Qualifying students will be selected for initial interviews which are scheduled for November 27. Those who pass the interviews for the 2003-2004 academic year will be announced on December 2, 2002. Successful candidates are required to submit their TOEFL scores by February 1, 2003.

Those who plan to apply for the Student Exchange Program should contact Ayşegul Başol, Assistant Registrar, at ext. 2435, for more information.

Want to Meet New People and Save Money? Carpool!

An alternative mode of transportation to campus is being offered through the transportation services department: a carpool program, with up to 5 people sharing a ride to work.
Carpooling is an easy way to lower your daily transportation expenses; it also helps to decrease the amount of pollution caused by automobile exhaust. Students or faculty members can register to carpool and find out who else is departing from convenient locations around campus. After registration on the web, participants can choose their fellow carpoolers based on the information provide on the website. The forms you fill out also assure the credibility of both driver and riders.
Carpooling is not only beneficial for those students who do not have cars, but for car owners as well. Carpooling is cheaper, especially for drivers, since expenses for fuel are shared and the drivers can take turns driving. It is also convenient because everyone can be picked up near the location they desire. Information and registration forms are provided at http://xena.bilkent.edu.tr/~carpool

Bilkent Symphony Orchestra Concert Program

The Bilkent Symphony Orchestra has begun its Tuesday night concert series. This week the second concert of the year will take place on October 22 at 8 p.m. at the Bilkent Concert Hall. Ferzan and Ferhan Önder will be at the piano, and the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra will be conducted by Emil Tabakov. The concert program is listed below. Tickets are available at the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts. You can also buy your ticket by credit card at ext. 1775.

Tuesday, October 22 at 8 p.m. Opening Concert 2
Conductor: Emil Tabakov,
Piano Duo: Ferhan - Ferzan Önder
G. Rossini / Overture “L Italiana in Algeri”
B. Britten / Scottish Ballad, Op.26
A. Dvorak / Symphony No.9 in E minor,
Op.95 “From the New World”

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