Volume 10, Number 11
16 December 2003

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Haydar Aliyev 1923-2003

Haydar Aliyev, the man who influenced the course of history of Azerbaijan during the last three decades, passed away at a medical clinic in Cleveland, USA, last week.
As First Secretary of his Republic's Communist Party, from 1969 onwards, and later as a member of the Soviet Politburo in Moscow in 1982, he supported a major effort for the construction of schools, which thus doubled in number in Azerbaijan during his term. He sent thousands of young Azeris to leading educational institutions in cities such as Moscow and Leningrad. The U.S. State Department Area Handbook for country studies cite the 1970's and 1980's as one of the cultural rebirth periods of Azerbaijan.
As former President of Azerbaijan during the last decade, he will be remembered for his exceptional efforts to bring peace and stability to his country.
Bilkent community mourns his loss. Professor İhsan Doğramacı will be heading a Bilkent group attending the funeral in Baku, to pay their last respects to Haydar Aliyev and to express feelings of sympathy and condolences to his family and nation.

Bilkent Basketball Winning Streak Continues!

The Ayva Cup Basketball Tournament continues with thrilling and high paced games. Bilkent Men’s Basketball Team won against both Koç University and Sabancı University during the weekend games.
The game was held at the Main Campus Sports Hall at Bilkent. At the end of the first period, the score was tied at 15-15. The following period was more exciting because the teams started to show their skills on the court. Bilkent’s No:14 (Can) was quite effective in defense and Bilkent managed to stop Koç’s not very effective offenses. However, Bilkent continued to have trouble scoring and the score remained tied for quite awhile. If Bilkent had scored better on their foul shots, the game might have

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Bilkent Symphony Orchestra December Concerts

Great concerts continue to take place at the Bilkent Concert Hall in December. For the final weeks of December, Bilkent Symphony Orchestra will present a marvelous series of concerts, hosted by renowned soloists from both Turkey and England.
Fazıl Say will be the soloist for a concert taking place on Wednesday, December 17, in cooperation with the Commandership of the Turkish Air Forces. The famous pianist will play his own work “İpek Yolu”, along with a “Piano Concerto” by Tchaikovsky. In addition, the orchestra, conducted by İbrahim Yazıcı, will present Symphony No.5 by Beethoven.
On Tuesday, December 23, the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Rengim Gökmen, will present Ahmed Adnan Saygun’s “Yunus Emre” Oratorio in cooperation with the Ankara State Opera and Ballet Choir. Esin Talınlı (soprano), Şebnem Algın (mezzo), Ömer Yılmaz (tenor), Tuncay Kurtoğlu (bass) will participate in the concert as soloists.
The Bilkent Concert Hall, will be the location for a special event, a “New Year’s Concert” on December 27. The “Cantabile” Soloists, the renowned English vocal group, will accompany the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Cem Mansur, on this special day.
For more information please call ext. 2280.

Pınar Yıldız (CS/II)

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