Volume 10, Number 26
27 April 2004

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Spring 2004 Run Is On

Organized by the Physical Education and Sports Center, the annual Bilkent Spring Run 2004 is scheduled for Saturday, May 1, beginning at 11 a.m. All Bilkent University students, faculty, staff and their family members are encouraged to participate, both for fun and fitness.
The course is approximately 4.5 km long, starting in front of the East Campus Sports Hall and ending at the Main Sports Hall. Participants younger than 10 years of age will start from the Main Campus tennis courts, located in the housing area, at 10:30 a.m. Trophies will be awarded to the first three runners to finish in each of the following age groups: 11-15, 16-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-59, 60 and over.
The last day for registrations for the Spring Run is Friday, April 30. All participants will be given special Bilkent t-shirts. For further information contact the Physical Education and Sports Center at ext. 3186 or 1993.

Bilkent Researchers Receive International Recognition

Scientists thrive for recognition of their intellectual output by their peers. For basic sciences these are scientific manuscripts published in respected journals. In the Chemistry Department of Bilkent University, Prof. Dr. Şefik Süzer and his group has been enjoying such a period for the last 2 years.
Their work has been well received and recognized by their peers such that their last manuscript entitled; "Time-Resolved XPS Analysis of the SiO2/Si System in the Millisecond Range" is published and highlighted as the Cover Feature of the Journal of Physical Chemistry B (one of the respected journals of the American Chemical Society) on April 29, 2004 (Vol:108, Issue:17, Page:5179). The manuscript introduces a new method, developed by U. Korcan Demirok (Bilkent Graduate and now an M.S. student), Gülay Ertaş (Post-Doctoral Associate) and Şefik Süzer, which enables the researchers to add a new dimension (time) to the 40-year-old technique XPS (X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy).
The XPS technique is one of the very powerful surface analysis techniques widely used for identifying chemical entities (types of atoms as well as their chemical sates) of the materials in their top few nanometers. With the time resolution introduced by the Bilkent team, it is now possible to extract additional very useful information related to the dielectric properties of these nanometer structures.

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Fun in the Sun at Spring Fest 2004

Just as in years past, Spring Fest is coming to campus to celebrate the end of the semester and welcome the summer holiday. During the 3 day-period, activities will be held for students on the grass field between the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts and the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences as well as on East Campus. Each day, a myriad of parties, concerts, performances, exhibitions, movies, cartoons and other activities created for your enjoyment will be waiting for you.

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Inter-University Football Tournament: Bilkent - METU: 4-1

Bilkent hosted the First Division Inter-University B category Football Tournament last week. The Bilkent Soccer Team won against Hacettepe University with a score of 3-2 on April 19, 2004 Monday; followed by the one against METU with a score of 4-1 on April 21, 2004 Wednesday.
Due to a canceled match between METU and Hacettepe, the tournament will end this week after a rescheduled match. (Continued on Page 5)
If METU wins, Bilkent will take first place in the tournament, however if Hacettepe wins it will be Ankara number 1 and Bilkent number 2.

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Bilkent Finishes the Soccer Championship in Second Place

The Bilkent University Indoor Soccer Team achieved a great success in the Turkey Indoor Soccer Championship which was held at İnönü University in Malatya between April 5 and 9 by finishing the tournament in second place among 16 university teams.
The Bilkent players managed to qualify from the first round group consisting of Marmara University, Süleyman Demirel University, İstanbul University and METU via three wins and a tie. In the second round group matches, the Bilkent team won all three games against Doğu Akdeniz University, Lefke Avrupa University and İstanbul University.
Bilkent’s opponent in the semi-finals was Muğla University and after a challenging game, Bilkent got a 3-2 win over the Muğla team and made its way to the finals. The Bilkent side could not play as well as they did in the second round group match against Lefke Avrupa University and therefore completed the championship tournament in second place. We congratulate our team for their success and wish them all good luck in the upcoming matches.

Can Hürcan (IE/II)

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