Volume 16, Number 7
October 27, 2009

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86th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic
Happy Republic Day!


Friday, October 30 at 8 p.m. / Bilkent Concert Hall
Republic Day Concert
Bilkent Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Işın Metin,
Piano: Emre Elivar
T. Pöğün | Window (world premiere)
U. C. Erkin | Symphony No.1
J. Brahms | Concerto for Piano No.2 in B flat major Op. 83

Parliament of Cultures to Meet at Bilkent


The Parliament of Cultures, an international body established by Professor İhsan Doğramacı and Prince El-Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan under their International Cultures Foundation, will meet on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 27, at Bilkent. Secretary General of the Parliament of Cultures, Professor Talat Halman stated that the meeting will run in a video-conference format. Thus in addition to speakers present at Bilkent, additional participation from New York, Tel Aviv and Tokyo will be enabled via video-conference. The conference will be moderated from Ankara by Professor İoanna Kuçuradi.

The Parliament of Cultures has been meeting in Ankara with members from around the world since its founding in 2002. This will be its first meeting via video-conference.

Republic Run Draws Competitors From Far and Wide


On Saturday, October 24, at 11 a.m., nearly 200 Bilkenters of all ages - runners, joggers and walkers - gathered in front of the East Campus Lake for a run celebrating the 86th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. Afterwards, an awards ceremony took place in the Main Sports Hall, where the winners received trophies. (Continues)

The Global Economic Crisis: Bad Policy or Flawed Ideology?


Bilkent professors met to discuss the current economic crisis in the "Global Crisis: Wrong Policies or Wrong Education?" symposium. Three Bilkent professors -Erinç Yeldan, Selin Sayek Böke and Refet Gürkaynak - and one professor from the Department of Economics of METU -Ebru Voyvoda - shared their ideas and offered solutions on Thursday, October 22. Bilkent University's Department of Economics organized the event. (Continues)

Election Campaign Continues in Departments

A total of 135 candidates for Department Representatives will campaign in their departments until November 13.

Get to know the candidates before voting! Visitwww.bilkent.edu.tr/konsey for photographs, names and the departments the candidates are hoping to represent.

The first round of elections for Department Representatives will be carried out on Tuesday, November 17.

If voter turn out is less then 50 percent, then a second and third round of elections will be held Wednesday, November 18 and Thursday, November 19.

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Update on H1N1 Virus

After the first diagnosis of a case of H1N1 (swine flu) on 13 October 2009 in a school on East Campus, the total number of H1N1 cases at Bilkent University, as of 23 October 2009, was 32.  These patients have been treated in their homes and have all recovered completely. As all the patients' symptoms were similar to a mild seasonal flu, there has been no need of hospitalization.

All Bilkent Staff and Students should keep the following points in mind:

- H1N1 has similar symptoms to seasonal flu, but it spreads more quickly.
- The risk of infection is highest one day before and up to seven days after symptoms appear.
- Those with H1N1 should not take just any medicines randomly, only those prescribed by a doctor.
- In case of illness, one should increase fluid intake, maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of rest. (Continues)

Prof. Ümit Berkman, Keynote Speaker of the OECD-MENA Regional Conference

ümit berkman

Prof. Ümit Berkman (Department of Management) was the keynote speaker of the OECD-MENA Regional Conference on Integrity. The conference, titled "Building a Cleaner Public Sector," was held in İstanbul on October 26-27. It was organized by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and the Council of Ethics for Public Service of Turkey.

The conference brought together public officials, academics and representatives of non-profit organizations from Middle East, North Africa and OECD member countries.

Prof. Ümit Berkman discussed integrity instruments and measures, implementation challenges and problems. He also presented ways of involving stakeholders in the anti-corruption reform process.

Prof. Berkman's interest and research focuses on ethics in public and business administration. His most recent work, "Business Ethics and Ethics Management (co-authored by Assoc. Prof. Mahmut Arslan of Hacettepe University)," has been published by TÜSİAD (Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen's Association).

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