2011 Spring Fitness Challenge Finals

The 2011 Spring Fitness Challenge ended on April 3. Of the 60 challenge participants, 15 succeeded in collecting at least 150 points by exercising regularly between February 28 and April 3. The 2011 Spring Fitness Challenge, held at the Student Dormitories Sports Hall, was open to all students and academic staff. The five week event was intended to encourage students to exercise properly and keep fit. Congratulations to all participants. The top finishers will get their awards, and surprise gifts will be distributed by draws at the reception planned soon.

Fitness Challenge Top Finishers:

1) Rıza Karagöz 
2) Nuri Denizcan Vanlı
3) Mustafa Ot

1) Zehra Betül Ayrancı
2) Nurulhude Baykal, Nur Selamoğlu
3) Nehir Şamcı