Translation Students to Perform

Students from the Translation and Interpretation Department from the School of Applied Languages (SAL) is going to perform a play consisting of several short sketches adapted from 17th-century French poet Jean la Fontaine's famous fables. The performance will be held on Monday May 2 at 2 p.m. in the C-Block Auditorium. The group, which is made up of French prep students Okan Çakır, Mehmet Emin Pamuk, Burak Arslan, Bengisu Akipek, Melisa Büyükkınacı, Damla Tartıcı, Deniz Berrak Karel, Kardelen Kala, Esra Kayı, and Merve Aksöz, as well as fourth year student Çise İrem Dönmez, has been rehearsing under the direction of Sabiha Ayral, the secretary of the French preparatory program for the last three months. All of the Bilkent community is invited.