Halman's Short History of Turkish Literature Published in the US

Syracuse University Press has recently released A Millennium of Turkish Literature: A Concise History written by Prof. Talat Halman, dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Letters and chair of the Department of Turkish Literature. The 170-page book, edited by Dr. Jayne L. Warner, traces the history of more than a thousand years of Turkish literature from its outset until the present time. The concise history contains such chapters as "A Time-Honored Literature," "The Dawn in Asia," "Selçuk Sufism," "Ottoman Glories," "Timeless Tales," "Occidental Orientation," and "Republic and Renascence." The book ends with an afterword on "The Future of Turkish Literature" and "Suggested Reading," which lists virtually all books relating to Turkish literature published in English from 1850 through 2010. A Millennium of Turkish Literature has been designed principally for the aficionados and students of Turkish literature and culture. In the United States and internationally it sells for $9.95.