Volume 10, Number 25
20 April 2004

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İlham Aliyev Receives Honorary Doctorate

İlham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, was awarded an honorary doctorate by Bilkent University on Wednesday, April 14. The ceremony took place at the University Concert Hall and was attended by a large contingent of the Bilkent community.
Son of Haydar Aliyev and Prof. Zarife Aliyeva, Ilham Aliyev was born in 1961 in the city of Baku. After graduating from school in 1977, he entered the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Relations. Upon his graduation from the MSIFR in 1982, he entered a post-graduate course at the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Relations. After graduating from the Institute in 1985, he received his Master's degree in History and International Relations. From 1985 to 1990 he was a faculty member at the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Relations. Since 1994 up to the present, he has served as the first vice-president of the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), while also being a member of the parliament for Republic of Azerbaijan. In December of 1999 he was elected to the post of deputy, and in 2001, first deputy chairman of the party “Yeni
Azerbaijan” (the leading party of the Republic). Since 1997, he has been the president of the National Olympic Committee for the Azerbaijan Republic. In January 2003, he was elected vice-president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and as a Bureau member. By a decree dated August 4, 2003, he was assigned to the post of prime minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and was elected President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in elections held on 15 October 2003. He was awarded an honorary doctorate by Moscow State University on February 2004 and by Astana University (Kazakistan) on March 2004. He is fluent in Azeri, Russian, English and French. He has two daughters and a son.
In his speech, Aliyev said it was an honor to receive the doctorate degree from Bilkent University and hoped to help develop closer relations with Turkey in the future.

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Graduation Ball Coming Up!

The Graduation Ball will be held on June 2-3, 2004 at the Bilkent Hotel, Sakarya Ballroom, at 8 p.m., and will feature a live concert by the Turkish pop singer Işın Karaca.

  • On Wednesday, June 2, 2004:
  • On Thursday, June 3, 2004:
    FADA, FE, FHL, SAL, VSCTOM and BUSEL will be together.
    The ticket price is 90 million TL. per person until May 14, and 100 million TL. as of May 17. The tickets will be available as of April 19 at the Alumni Office in the Student Council Building. For further information please contact the Alumni Office at ext. 2236.

    PASO Student Film Festival

    The PASO Student Film Festival, organized by the Communication and Design Department, will be held between April 28 and May 2 in the Goethe Institut. The Festival will be launched by the Turkish actress Pelin Batu on the evening of April 28, and will include other guests such as Reis Çelik, the director, and Okan Altıparmak, who has worked in various projects in Hollywood. A workshop will be held by Ali Mahmut Demirel, video artist of the work “Plastic Man”, where everyone is invited to participate. This year the festival will be screening more than 60 films from universities all around Turkey including Bilkent University, and also films from students at Leeds Metropolitan University in England, Zelig-Bolzano, School for Documentary in Italy, and the Cologne Academy for Media Art in Germany. Bilkent will also be hosting visitors from Cologne.
    The festival program will soon be available from department secretaries. The Bilkent community is invited to all events and screenings. For more information and the festival program visit www.art.bilkent.edu.tr/filmfest.

    Terci-Korad Guitar Duo

    Terci-Korad Guitar Duo, composed of Kürşad Terci and Kağan Korad, attended “The Fifth International Guitar Festival” which took place in Belgium between April 14 and 20. They were among the jury members of the International Guitar contest that was held during the festival.
    In addition, the duo gave a concert on April 19. Terci and Korad, faculty members in the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts, Classical Guitar, taught courses both in the universities and the conservatories during the festival as well. The famous musicians, John Williams,
    Costa Cotsiolis, Dusan Bogdanavic and Leo Brouwer also participated in the International festival. The lively performances of all the guitarists and groups attending the festival are gathered onto a CD which is to be sold world wide.
    Kürşad Terci and Kağan Korad have represented Turkey in many international organizations both as the members of the Bilkent Guitar Ternary up until 2000 and now as the Terci-Korad Guitar Duo. In September 2003, the renowned music magazine, English Classical Guitar, published an article on Terci-Korad’s performance at the German International Koblenz Music Festival. Kürşad Terci and Kağan Korad are among the founders of The Association of Southeastern European Guitarists and The Classical Guitar Society in Turkey.

    Pınar Yıldız (CS/II)

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