Volume 10, Number 4
14 October 2003

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Young Turkish Art in Moscow B4 and After?

Assist. Prof. Zekiye Sarıkartal and a group of graduate students from the Department of Fine Arts, Erdem Yücel, Başak Kaptan and Evren Erlevent have exhibited their recent work at the Russian National Center of Contemporary Art in Moscow, between July 3 and 13, 2003.
The exhibition “B4” (before), “B” standing for Bilkent University, and 4 for the number of participants, was curated by the Visiting Instructor, Nina Kertselli, and was a real cultural event in Moscow’s daily artistic life. It was met with a warm welcome from the press and the public. The contemporary technologies used by the Turkish artists, along with their keen awareness of the world we live in, and the original interpretations they have given it, instantly won over their audience. “This is the first time the Russian public has had the opportunity to meet young Turkish artists” wrote Irina Kulik from The Russian Financial Times. “...the Turkish artists from the ‘B4’ exhibition take the language of art quite naturally. They have studied that language at the University and now use it comfortably to speak about any subject they are interested in” - continues Irina Kulik in her article ‘The Amazons of the Turkish Vangard’.
The “B4” exhibition, considered both by The Center of Art and Moscow artistic circles as a great success, has begun, we hope, a new relationship between the Fine Arts Department of Bilkent University and the Russian National Center of Art, thereby laying a solid foundation for future events.

Getting to Bilkent On Time

As always, at the start of the semester, there is a rush to get to class on time. This year, due to detours caused by the underground construction on the Eskişehir highway, getting to Bilkent takes even longer.
The obvious solution, especially for those using their private vehicles, is to

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Professor İhsan Doğramacı to Be Honored

Professor İhsan Doğramacı will be presented with a “Book of Tributes” by the World Health Organization and the International Pediatric Association on Friday, October 17, 2003, at 3:30 p.m., at the Bilkent Concert Hall. This presentation is in honor of his sixty-five years of service to children in Turkey and worldwide.

Candidates for Class Representatives Announced

The election process of the University Student Council Executive Committee began on September 30 with the filing of applications for candidacy for Class Representations. The eligibility of the candidates was verified and the qualified candidates as well as the electors were announced on Monday, October 13 at www.bilkent.edu.tr/konsey
October 14 through 21 is the week of election campaigning by the candidates. Rules for the election campaign can be also found at www.bilkent.edu.tr/konsey The first round of the elections will take place on Wednesday, October 22. Computers will be used for voting for the first time in a university in Turkey.

Study Abroad?

The Student Exchange Program gives students the opportunity to study abroad the entire 2004-2005 Academic year or for only the Fall semester. Here is your opportunity to experience a culture different from your own. Students who have a minimum CGPA of 3.00 and are currently in their second year are eligible to apply for the program. Applicants must submit a CV and a statement of purpose, along with the application form to the Registrar’s Office. (The form can be obtained at the Registrar’s office)
The application deadline for Fall 2004 is November 7. Qualifying students will be selected for initial interviews, which are scheduled for November 17. Successful candidates for the 2004-2005 Academic year will be announced on November 21. Those candidates are required to submit their TOEFL scores by February 15, 2004.
All students who plan to apply for the Student Exchange Program should contact Ayşegül Başol, Assistant Registrar, at ext. 2435, for more information.

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