Bilkent News Picture Challenge
I Know Where You've Been This Week


Hello everyone! I have not received a single reply for my call to people who may be interested in taking this corner over yet, so I am terribly sorry that this interactive, enjoyable challenge will come to an end soon. So, please write to us if you love chasing after stories, taking interesting pictures, or making people curious.
Last week, we had a scene from the structure located in front of the grass pitch, near the dormitories. It was constructed as a boiler room when the dormitories were first built, around 1987. However nowadays, all the heating of university is obtained from vapor, instead of fuel oil.

The company named BilEnerji (Bilkent Energy) uses high pressure water vapor to produce electrical energy. The high pressured vapor, which is sustained by natural gas, then turns the vapor turbines to produce electrical energy and the resulting "rotten" gas is then condensated to water to be collected in containers, ready to be transformed into a high pressure vapor again. In order to condensate vapor as a part of the cycle, its temperature should be lowered. Instead of releasing the heat driven out of the vapor to atmosphere, this heat is collected and used for the heating of dormitories and of water used in dormitories.

If you think you know where exactly in our campus the picture here was taken from, go ahead and send your answer and get a chance to win a cosy coffee from Coffee Break or an unforgettable lunch from Le Piment Rouge.