Social Awareness Projects Need You

On 23 September, Social Awareness Projects (TDP) held their first meeting for this year with their new volunteers. They introduced new members to their ongoing and new projects.

TDP came into existence after the 1999 Marmara earthquake. Bilkent University helped the victims of this disaster. Then, a group of Bilkent University students realized that there is no need to wait for a disaster in order to help people. They got busy and put together the Voluntary Education Project (GEP). GEP aims to serve primary school students by providing them educational support and social activities.  Every year the group improves its ongoing  projects and launches  new ones. TDP targets different groups with different objectives, all intended to advance social awareness and provide help for those in need. TDP is now partnered with the Ankara-based Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG), “Uygar Görme Engelliler Derneği" and "Her şey Bir Gülücük İçin Platformu."

Message from the Coordinator:

Merhaba Bilkenters!
We are glad to meet you and want you to share our projects. Our new 3 projects are exciting and energize us to reach our aims. All volunteers and projects welcome all of you to join our family and to be a part of our better society. If you were not able to attend our first meeting, there will be separate projects meetings. You can attend one of those, or you can send me an e-mail. Besides wanting you as a volunteer, we are very curious to hear your suggestions and comments. As you see, we are very enthusiastic about new ideas. Therefore, if you have an idea that will help us meet our aims and principles, you can present them to us for a new project or a new organization.

This year we are beginning our 11th year. We want be even more organized, more successful, and also more courteous to our all of our volunteers. Thank you all for your efforts to make the world a better place. In order to manage that and in order to keep all perfect memories, we are planning to create a story archive including writings from our old and new volunteers and our target groups. We want everyone to share your impression about Social Awareness Projects.

If you want o be to be a helpful person, our projects will give you an opportunity. But if you do not have time to attend the project meetings, you can help our book and clothing campaigns, attend presentations, lectures, or any other activities.

For second year students, GE250-Collegiate Activities Program I, is opened for this semester, and you can earn credit for the course by volunteering with us. Therefore, this may be a good chance for you to join TDP, work for social justice, and even have a chance to get an A. Hope to see you soon in our Utopia.

Fatma Cengiz/TDP Coordinator

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